Teen Wolf Bing Results and Review!

Stephanie’s card
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I think this is my favorite episode so far. And a lot of that has to do with Kira. I like her a lot. A lot a lot. Which makes me nervous she’s either a) going to die or b) evil because Jeff Davis himself is evil. I like that she’s shy, kinda awkward and hilarious. Though let’s face it, someone that gorgeous is never going unnoticed in high school, who are we trying to kid? I love her interactions with her family and Scott. That entire dinner scene was really cute and had me saying, Allison, who?

Which leads me to Allison and Isaac. I’m here for it. I don’t think the spontaneous disrobing was necessary but I get we need to fill our shirtless quota. And it brought about a great moment with papa argent. Who I’d been missing.

Stiles is my eternal fave and the rest of you can gtfo if you disagree. I am loving this friendship with Lydia and…possibly unpopular opinion…hope it stays just a friendship. I’d like him to get a love interest but idk, I’m reluctant to see him with Lydia like that. And yay! Banshee scream! It’ll be really cool to get a closer look at Lydia’s powers.

I’m not sure what is going on with Derek. These new werewolfy ~things they can do is cool, if not a bit creepy. And my love/hate relationship with Peter only grows stronger. When is his I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE ALPHA bit gonna show up again?

We got a great Finstock/Greenberg moment that had me laughing a lot.

But what I need now are some answers. What’s this all mean? What is Kira? What’s the significance of the fireflies that keep showing up? Did mama Hale say anything to Derek? I’m hoping she tells him peter was responsible for the Paige thing. But you know, if wishes were horses…

Mel’s Card

Teen wolf week 3 bingo


Alright let’s start by saying HALLELUJAH WE FINALLY GOT DANNY!

Now I really really liked this episode. I feel like we got a lot of info handed to us. I have no idea what any of it meant but I have it none the less. The Twins are back. Isaac is sassy. Papa Argent’s still got it. The Stilinski’s have the best banter alive. We’re learning more about Lydia’s power. Flies in people’s hearts are no big deal. Evil things are coming out of the Tree. Kira has some sort of power and Derek’s on a solo quest with the uncle that should never be trusted. What he’s looking for is anyone’s guess.

Kira having a power isn’t anything new. We knew she was going to have something bc come on! That’s like tv 101. What is left unsaid is if she’s an ally or not. Beacon Hill and that tree thing are like a freaking hellmouth. They draw shifters and crazy things to it. I’d like to think that Kira gets to stay for more than one season and gets to be part of a new pack. Maybe her family is looking for peace around other’s who may understand. (IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN LET ME HAVE THIS.) Also that sushi scene was hilarious. I like that it played off a stereotype that all CA natives eat sushi. It was a nice reversal and actuate. My hubs was raised in CA and has never touched the stuff much to my sadness. lol

I’m kind of torn on the twins. WAIT hear me out. Yes, they killed Boyd which is awful bc I loved him and when are we bringing him back Peter style?. But my question is: did they do it of their own free will? I may be off here but isn’t the rule that once your alpha gives an order you can’t refuse? I know it’s common lore in general but I just can’t remember if it been said on this show. I do like that Scott is trying to be smart about the whole thing.

I’m not really shocked about Lydia. She dated Jackson who also killed people. Maybe that’s her thing. I know people really want her an Stiles together but I’m kind of indifferent. I lie. Danny would be the best boyfriend ever to Stiles.

I have high hopes for this season. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. (BODY PAINT RAVE WHAAAAAT!) I’m still not 100% sure the things that haunted the kids in the first episode are gone completely but only time will tel.

What did you think? You get a bingo? Let us know!


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