Teen Wolf Bingo Results and Recap!

Stephanie’ card
photo (4)

Awwww yissssssss I got a bingo! I was really nervous I wouldn’t because on one of my cards I was one away, the square being Lydia’s scream, and I didn’t think it would happen.

More important than the bingo game, however, was the actual episode. I feel like Jeff Davis is trying to do a lot (maybe too much) and I’m getting overwhelmed by feels. But there were a lot of parts I enjoyed. Namely, the Trio of Dark Hearts (presumably) resolving some of their problems. And I liked how their friends were there to help them through moments of crisis. I really like the snark between Stiles and Isaac. And I reallllly like Kira (and her potential romance with Scott). I hope she’s 1. good and 2. sticks around.

As much as I love seeing attractive men without their shirts, I just want good things for Derek. And for him to stop getting tortured. I liked seeing the woman from the beginning of the season, the one who helped Isaac, but what is her NAME? And with was that at the end. Too much mystery and intrigue, man. My poor heart can’t take it.

Obviously I’m invested. So I’ll keep watching and hope I don’t lose my mind in the process.

Teen wolf week 2


So I really liked this episode. I think it has a great mix of everything. Kira is so cute. Like I’ve been there sweetie it’s gonna work out. Provided you’re not evil *fingers crossed*. I about pee’d myself at the scarf joke and it was nice to have a seemingly happy ending.  I say seemingly bc you never know on this show.

My only real complaint is Agent McCall. He’s just awful. Like, I don’t know what he’s got against the Sheriff but he needs to take a chill pill. Also, his snide remarks about Scott being out and his mom not liking it made me want to punch him. DUDE YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE!

The very end brought up a whole new set of problems but I’m excited to see where things are going. I know it may seemed jumbled but if other TV shows have taught me anything it’s wait until the end to judge. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU BUFFY SEASON 5) Sometimes we have to be a little confused for a time in order to lay the groundwork for something epic. Does that mean the season will be perfect? Of course not, but it can mean giving a bit more leeway with having all the answers upfront. Enjoy the ride as much as possible and lets see what mess Peter’s made.


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