Teen Wolf Bingo Results

tw bingo card week one

Mel’s results

So the season 3b Opener was intense. It had almost everything I needed to win save one thing? Can you see it? Wait here let me help you.

tw bingo card week one need more danny!!

I know it’s super light. I will do better next time

Mel: DIMPLES! AKA Danny! We had so much awesome this episode. Don’t get me wrong. Mama McCall’s speech about love was on point! Papa Stilinski was heartbreaking. Flask back to creepy Kate made me cover my eyes. And a wink and a nudge to the very first episode made me smile. I just think Danny would have been the cherry on top. Who’s with me? Also, I wanted to win damnit!

OK OK. All joking aside I LOVE how they are working the Scott/Allison/Isaac thing. Meaning, they’re making it funny and not dramatic. (THANK YOU AGAIN MAMA MCCALL!) I love the spook and the fact the show’s still just as funny as ever. I’m so excited to see what’s to come.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Stephanie: It’s funny you mention the humor because I felt like, for a mid season opener, there wasn’t that much? Obviously the parts with Isaac and Scott had me chuckling. But Stiles, our resident comedian (and my personal fave) was so overcome with this darkness in his heart I spent most of the time freaking to ffff out. I need more funny stuff, is what I’m saying, to combat the heavy in this show. Because we all know Jeff Davis can’t just give us happy times. Ugh. Jeff Davis. *shakes fist*

I did love Papa Stilinski in this, that is true. In fact, there could be a show just about the Stilinskis and I would watch the crap out of it. I’m so happy he knows about the supernatural. And that he’s going back and reviewing old cases because of it. What I don’t like is Scott’s dad. GTFO Agent McCall, YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE.

It was a bit disappointing to not see all of the characters. As Mel pointed out, where’s Danny? The twins? Cora? Yes, we got to see a snipped of Peter and Derek (which was funny, scary, and sexy all in one go) but…Okay, is the season going to revolve around Scott, Stiles and Allison because they’re the three with the big problem? I just don’t know what to expect.

Also, I’d really like a timeline of the events of the past seasons, including the current one. Because I have no idea how much time has lapsed since we last saw these guys. If someone knows, please break it down for me. I am confused (it happens easily, unfortunately).

I’m so excited to see what happens, though. I’m loving Kira (did I spell that right) and hope she stays on in a bigger role than potential bad guy (because let’s be honest, that seems to be the case with any new female character that is introduced). If anything happens to my babies (Stiles and his dad, mainly) I will lose my ever loving sh**. So be warned, Jeff Davis, everyone. Be warned.

We’d love to see what you got! Anyone get a bingo? If not what stopped you?


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