Teen Wolf BINGO!


So the second half of Teen Wolf Season three is starting this Monday and we thought of easing our pain (you know there will be pain) with BINGO! Who doesn’t love bingo?

Ok, so here’s what we’re thinking, we’ll post a reminder every Monday with a link to the cards. Then Thursday or Friday we’ll all report back with our cards and laugh. I figure it will be fun to see what crazy combos people got or what kept you from getting bingo. (“Derek wins a fight” space, I’m looking at you.) Maybe we can make a poem with them or something. lol As of right now, we don’t have anything in the way of prizes but we’re not above bribing people to hang out with us.

Now, this is meant for fun, K? Silly fun for a show we enjoy. Some of the spaces have things like “Scarfman” (AKA Issac in a scarf) and “Dimples” (DANNY!) while others have “Kissing” and “Shirtless”. You get the idea. There are 6 sets of cards with 20 cards in each set so there are a lot of options. (I saved the word list on the off chance more than 120 people wanna play.) You can get yours here: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4, Set 5, Set 6

I (Mel) am 98.64% sure there are typos in there bc that’s just how it works. Sorry in advance.  (No matter how many times I try there are at least 8 that slip through.)

So who’s ready to play?!!


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