Our Wishlists

Often when you become an adult practical things come before the fun stuff. lol Hurray adulthood! Sometimes it’s fun to dream just because!  Here are our holiday wishlists.


Mel's wishlist

  1. Don’t Open Dead Inside Hoodie
  2. Eye Candy Lashes
  3. Pencil Me In Flats
  4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  5. Uhura Tee 
  6. Black Wig 
  7. Lip Tar
  8. The Mother lode from Urban Decay
  9. Tattoo Tee


Steph's wishlist

  1. Star Trek Retro Episode Posters
  2. Chicago Blackhawks Red and Black Flannel Infinity Scarf
  3. Fuel up, officer
  4. Stroke of Midnight Brush Kit: Essentials
  5. Pink Freeze: Eye Shadow x4
  6. Hold My Gaze: Eye Shadow x4
  7. The Avengers Poster – Set of 6 Movie Poster Prints
  8. Star Trek Retro Propaganda Poster Set

What’s yours?!


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