The Walking Dead: Mid Season Finale

TWD thing

*Takes deep breath*

Raise your hand if  you cried last night? Me too. Just when I think this show can’t hurt me anymore I get proven wrong.  GAH THE PAIN!

First thing’s first. I was so glad they tackled the whole Rick talking to Daryl thing first thing. They totally cheated on telling Tyreese, but whatever. Tanks taking shots at your home will do that.

They pulled out all the stops with this one. The people we lost!! NOPE NO NO NONONONO! I knew one of them from the comics but I was hoping she’d make it out alive. Alas, it wasn’t the case. (Worst babysitters ever.) The first one really got me though. I loved him! I will say that I didn’t feel too bad for the Governor’s crew.  Like really, are you people really that stupid? “Hey let’s trust the new guy after two of our other leaders mysteriously died. He seems totally trustworthy.”

I want say I was so so SO proud of  Carol’s child army. They got stuff done and Carl was their general. I think the difference from them now and Carl at the end of last season was they really were defending themselves from adults. Not a teen surrendering.  Again, I felt no sympathy for those adults bc they were willing to kill these people on the orders of a madman. *shrugs*

I thought the meat of the episode was really about the difference between Rick and the Governor. At one point they were so similar but this episode proved just how difference they’ve chosen to be. Rick recognized the darkness he had in himself and did everything he could to fight against that. While the Governor was, to me, man in his basest form. A greedy, violent, power hungry animal who needed to be put down. I was so glad Michonne was there to help with that.

And can we talk about her for a second? The growth she’s had since we first met her. The restraint she showed in the end. I was so proud of her! Look at what she did with Penny just bc she wanted to prove The Governor was awful, compared to what happened in the end where she had the chance to really make him suffer and she let go of her rage. BEAUTIFUL! That is how it is done! That is how you come back from it. Did others see this too?

I felt like the end of this mirrored the end of season two in how they scatter. I really hope my people will make it back together.

All in all I was so blown away by this episode and February can’t come fast enough.

What did you think? Do you have feels you need to share? I AM HERE FOR YOU!


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