The Walking Dead Review



The thing I get when I combine this episode with the last is MY TIME HAS BEEN WASTED! Who here is shocked at how things turned out?


That’s what I thought.

These two episodes were not needed at all. Why? Bc Phillip could have rolled up to the prison w/a group of followers and there would be no back story needed. OF COURSE he would be able to find a group of weak minded people to lie to and manipulate.  This isn’t news. It’s like being shocked Voldemort was able to find more death eaters.

I think these two episodes would have been GREAT webisodes.  It would have allowed people the choice to find out more about the Governor if they wanted to; an extra if you will. However, in the plot and over all arch of the show, it does nothing to move it along.  I’m not here for him. I want to know about my bb Glenn.  I want to know about how Daryl is going to take Carol’s banishment. What about Tyreese? Or all those sick folks? Hmmmm?

I think ultimately why these last two episodes are such a waste of time is bc they set Phillip up for possible redemption and did absolutely NOTHING with it. The writers like to boast about taking a different path from the comics but when given a chance like this one to take it, they don’t. They kept Shane around for two seasons; Would it really have been that big of a stretch to have the Governor look at the prison and then walk away?

I’m sure there are a people out there who are genuinely interested in the Governor. I am not one of them.

What do you think?



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