AniMonday: Free!

Gou starts a countdown until the Prefectural Tournament. The boys decide what they’re swimming: Mako is doing back, Nagisa is doing breast, Rei is doing butterfly and Haru ONLY SWIMS FREE!

To get the boys motivated and training harder, Gou discovers an old flyer for training camp where the swimmers swim in the ocean between oceans. So the summer is dedicated to camping out on a “deserted island.”

Unfortunately, the school has no funds for a new and untried swim club. And the guys already spent their own money on new tracksuits. Mako comes up with the idea to use his camping equipment and rough it. And lucky for them Coach Sasabe has a boat they can use to get out to an island.

There’s an interesting moment between Haru and Mako where Haru asks Mako if he’s really okay with training in the ocean. Then there’s a flashback to Haru and Mako as boys staring off at some men walking along to the ocean…i think? I don’t know what that’s about.

Sasabe and Miho meet for the first time and he totally recognizes her…probably from the swimsuit modeling she did but we haven’t learned about. She comes along for the camp even though she doesn’t really do anything besides tell the guys they have no money and offer random quotes from famous intellectuals. I guess she has to chaperone.

Rei discovers the guys from Samezuka are also at teh island training. Only they’re in a facility, an actual pool. What a coincidence. And then, bizarrely, Rin thinks he smells mackerel (Haru’s favorite food).

So the training begins! The boys have to run along the beach and then swim between islands. Rei, because he’s still a beginner swimmer, has to use a kickboard which IS NOT BEAUTIFUL. Poor Rei.

I failed to mention him before, but Nitori is Rin’s sidekick and has a total “man”crush on Rin.

Where Nitori is, Rin is, and they run into Gou. She has a convo with her big bro about the Iwatobi boys swimming in the ocean. And then Rin gets all worried, IS MAKO OKAY WITH THAT?

Our boys are eating dinner and Rei is looking not so happy because he couldn’t finish the training regime without help.

Then we get this hilarious exchange between the boys:

Come on, boys.

Hilarious turns dangerous when Rei decides to go swimming alone at night and a sudden storm blows in. Dummie. And Mako, who we know has a problem with the ocean (but not what exactly) discovers he’s missing and IT’S TIME FOR RESCUE!


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