AniMonday: Free!

I feel like I should take this time to express how much I love the opening and ending credits. The songs are super catchy (even if they’re not in English) I hope they don’t change them. Seriously. I find myself already humming the songs at random points during the day.

Anyway, on with the show.

Gou has found her brother’s old swimming regimen and is using it to coach the boys. Of course, all the training is hard to focus on when you have this:


What is this show?

Rei cannot swim. He can float, but whenever he tries for something more he ends up sinking. He thinks just because he has the theory down, he’ll be able to. WRONG. Gou gives him a week to learn. Even as the guys teach Rei their preferred individual strokes, he gets nowhere.

They all have a meeting about why Rei can’t swim. And Haru, oh man, comes up with the idea that the water doesn’t like him. Why is this show so great? After Rei freaks out about needing a “real” coach, they call Coach Sasabe. That doesn’t really get them anywhere, to be honest.

Rei figures that the reason he can’t swim is because of his swimsuit…which Nagisa let him borrow. So they go to look at new suits. And oh em gee.


I had to resist screencapping every single shot of the boys in a different suit. Even still, have a few.

If you don’t love this show you’re wrong.

Rin and his swim club happen to be at the same store looking for new suits as well. He asks to speak to Haru and basically tells them his win didn’t count because Haru wasn’t at peak physical condition. And he can’t move on unless he races and beats Haru at his best. Also, they apparently don’t believe in personal space.

But back to the important part, the swimming. Rei is still having difficulty swimming. He goes to Haru who admits he didn’t choose freestyle (freestyle chose him hahaha) so much as it’s the only thing he’s able to swim. Through it all, Rei learns that the back and breaststroke don’t suit him. Neither does freestyle. But what does, is butterfly. Boom. So that ridiculous swimsuit was foreshadowing ohhhhhhh, gotcha. Wink wink.

(why are we getting domestic!Haru/Mako???)

– Steph

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