AniMonday: Free!

Unsurprisingly, Haru’s swim in the too cold water leads to a cold. Mako and Nagisa are there to help comfort him, those total cuties, and are all excited about entering tournaments and swimming relays. but HARU ONLY SWIMS FREE, OKAY GUYS? Plus, they still need to find a fourth member of the team.

We saw him last episode, but in this one we’re more formally introduced to Rei (who, going by the opening credits, joins).

As you can see, he doesn’t want to join the swim club. He’s already a member of the track team. Nagisa bugs him on the train to school and pretty sure falls a little bit in love with him. Seriously, I’m not just imagining this. He takes Gou, Mako and Haru to see Rei at track practice. He also tells the others that Rei is, like, destined to be part of the swim club. Not because he’s a swimming pro. But because he has a girly name…like the rest of them do.

So they go watch. Gou gets that starry eyed look as she takes in all that muscle (so does Nagisa if you ask me) and they all determine Rei has beautiful, technical form.

Nagisa is waiting to ambush Rei at the train station. We learn that Rei is only interested in sports that are beautiful. Whatever that means. And every argument Nagisa has for joining swim club, Rei has a counter.

Come on, Nagisa. Be more obvious.

The reason they’re so keen to get another member is because they want to get the school to pay for them to use indoor facilities (it being too cold to swim outside still). So what does one have to do with the other? The school won’t start shelling out money until the guys start winning tournaments. And to win they need more guys on the team.

Nagisa’s plan to win over Rei seems to just be wherever Rei is. He asks to run home with Rei, talks nonstop about swimming, and calls Rei beautiful when he pole vaults. And for someone who wants to be part of a beautiful sport that must be the ultimate of compliments. Sorry, Rei, but you seem awfully vain when you complain how you can’t look good while swimming.

Whatever, Rei agrees to come to a joint practice with Samezuka, a trial basis type thing.  And. He. Is. Awful. REI CAN’T SWIM. Also, he’s in an itty bitty speedo.

You can’t convince me this entire show isn’t total fanservice.

Obviously, Rei is completely embarrassed. He looked ugly while diving in, that’s for sure. You think, he’ll probably quit now. Only, he sees Haru swim and apparently that’s a life altering event. He had a come to Jesus moment, only it was a come to Haru moment. Rei joins the swim club. And he appoints Nagisa to be his, like, personal trainer. Oh I’m so sure.

(sorry, I swear I didn’t intend this week’s review to be all about how I think Nagisa is in love with Rei.)

 – Steph


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