Movie Review: Thor 2

Thor 2: The Dark World

This weekend I was able to drag my husband out to see Thor 2 (why he always drags his feet about going to movies is beyond me) and I just have to say I LOVED IT. Obviously, that’s an understatement forced by not being able to share spoilers because NO ONE LOVES SPOILERS. Seriously, if you’ve seen the movie already, don’t be that guy that goes online and spills the beans without at least some adequate warning because this movie deserves to stay unspoiled IMO.

Okay. So. Thor 2, in a nutshell, focuses on an ancient race (Dark Elves) that existed before the existence of the universe and their mission to bring darkness to the cosmos once more. There is a weapon the Dark Elves possessed, something not even Odin’s father could destroy, that they seek again. And their search leads them not only to Asgard but to Jane Foster (and Earth as well). Thor must find a way to defeat the Dark Elves before those he loves, as well as the 9 realms he has sworn to protect, are destroyed.

Now that you know that generic synopsis, let me tell you why I loved this movie.

It’s not completely Earth-centric. Okay, yes, there is quite a bit that happens here but we also get to see so much of Asgard and even some of the 9 realms. I feel like this really adds to the storyline. That not just Earth is in danger of being destroyed, but so many other planets, solar systems, the UNIVERSE FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

Darcy. She adds a touch of comedic relief that really helps move the film along. She was lovely in the first Thor. She’s even better in the second. And there’s Ian. Which has turned into an unexpected favorite character of mine.

The Dark Elves. I enjoyed this enemy. Sure, at times it seemed like they were bad just for the sake of being bad. But their conviction was pretty impressive. And it never came across as overdone. Perhaps I have Eccleston to thank for that (I love him).

Heimdall. I really appreciated seeing more of him. I love that he played a greater role, even if I still want more.

Frigga. Oh man. I can’t say enough about her or her effect on her family. Monuments should be built to her.

Thor. He’s always so endearing and has this level of adorable that keeps me coming back for more. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor so well, goes from being this big, tough, God to a vulnerable, naive being. Not only is he very, very, very easy on the eyes. But he’s also grown so much since the last two movies he’s been in. You can see it in the way he interacts with Jane (from the moment they meet again…two years down the road) and with his father (which is always interesting) and Loki. Which leads me to…

Loki. LOKI. Listen, if you don’t love Loki, you’re wrong. The theater I watched the movie in cheered pretty much every time Loki was up to something. He steals the show, 100%. Without him, the movie would not be even half as good as it is. He made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me…well, you get the point. Tom Hiddleston is PERFECTION when it comes to Loki. You could go so far as to say every little thing he does is magic on screen. How is it possible to hate a character so much you love him, or the reverse; where you love him so much it drives you to hate?  I don’t want to imagine a Marvel ‘verse without Loki. L O K I.

Marvel seems to be getting better and better with its established movie ‘verse. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some problematic areas, things I wish they’d do differently/better. But what they continue to do with their sequels is really impressive. It has me practically salivating for Winter Soldier and the next Avengers (and dare I say GotG?).

If you haven’t seen it yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? And once you go, make sure you stay through the credits for BOTH bonus scenes. There’s one midway through and another at the very very very end. I think you’ll enjoy them.



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