TV Round Up: The Walking Dead

I’ve decided that TWD is trying to drive me insane. That can be the only reason for this madness. OH THE FEELS!

Daryl is the master tracker and I was so stressed as they fought their way out of the school. The backpack scene was intense!! Michonne maintained her goddess status but being powerful and beautiful. I totally sensed a moment between her and Daryl. You all see that, right? I think one of the reasons I love her so much is the face that she is able to admit her short comings. Her talk with Tyreese was amazing and helpful for both of them.

I could tell Rick was thinking something the whole time he and Carol were out. Like he was testing her. When the show ended I wasn’t really surprised it went the way it did. I don’t think were done with this topic by a long shot. Gah!

Also I was so so made when Rick and Carol for that leg in the back yard. WHY?

How to you think the rest of the prison will feel about the end scene?



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