AniMonday: Free!

Our trio is in trouble again! For trespassing. Oops?

Gou has a convo with Mako and Nagisa about her brother, how he doesn’t respond to her texts/calls/emails and no one knows what happened in Australia and why he’s so mean. So, that’s great. A ~mystery. But Nagisa has a great idea.

For some reason, when Nagisa, Mako and Gou go to discuss the plan with Haru, he’s in the tub. Again. And then we see how Gou is me:

(maybe not at her age, but I think I’m old enough. I mean…)

Sorry. I just really like Gou. She’s my new favorite.

The boys need to fill out some papers to start their swim club. They need a faculty advisor and they go to their Lit teacher, Miss Amakata Miho who is all shady about her previous job involved with some swimsuit company. I’m guessing she used to model for them. Whatever.

Gou goes to Samezuka Academy looking for Rin, only to be told he’s not on the swim team. Say what? The plot thickens.

We see Rin staring longingly at a picture of the four when they were boys and…is that a tear in Rin’s eye?

Haru, Mako, and Nagisa learn they have to have 4 members in their club. So! The search for a new member is ON. Also, they have to refinish the school’s pool, which is overrun with weeds and other “nature” growing out of it.

There’s a cute little montage of the boys going to a hardware store to buy supplies (Haru sees a giant fishtank and starts to strip so he can swim…uh?) and making posters to recruit new people to the team. Seems like no one wants to join.

Gou tells Mako about Rin not being a part of his school’s swim club. We find out that the night of Rin and Haru’s race, Rin won. So why does he not want to swim anymore? When it seemed like all he wanted was to beat Haru.

Gou/Kou asks to be the boys’ manager, I assume so she can find out what the hell is going on with Rin and somehow fix it.

Mako is quickly becoming my favorite character. He gives Haru these soft, endearing looks that are just adorable. And then we see snippets of his home life where he shares his food with his two younger siblings to keep them from fighting and just. I’m like half in love with him.

We meet a new character, Coach Sasabe – who rocks some earrings, goatee and a bad-a haircut.  

He’s a pizza delivery guy now. But he runs into Mako at the old swim club (now being torn down) and gives us some interesting information. Rin came home from Australia during a break and had a race with Haru. He lost. For someone who went away specifically to train, he should’ve improved far past Haru’s abilities. But he lost and was so upset. And Haru was upset because Rin was upset and…thus we are given the reason why Haru stopped swimming competitively.

But, even though there was that bit of angst (as well as some from Rin, who has decided to join the swim club at his school), the show ends with some light heartedness. In the form of Haru stripping (WOW AGAIN?) to swim in their now finished pool. Even though it’s too cold.



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