TV Round Up: The Walking Dead


Where to begin? Gah! This episode just built off the last one and kept on going! I have a new rule now. Sleep with my cell door closed just in case.

I was reeeeeeally worried for Mama McCall there for a bit. ( I don’t want to talk about the ending ok?!). Then that whole thing with the fences. Who do you think is feeding the walkers? My money is on Lizzie. She seems like a young Hershel in the making. (Remember the walkers in the barn?) This totally reminds me of that.

And let us not forget Michonne with the baby. I bawled. Can we just take a moment to praise Danai Gurira on her outstanding acting? That scene was so emotional and well done. It didn’t come off as forced or manufactured. Well done Danai!

You know who else needs a hug? Tyreese. The end with standing there with the flowers. IT’S ABOUT ABOUT TO GET MESSIER!

Who do you think is feeding the Rats and is it the same person who torched the bodies at the end?


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