AniMondays: Attack On Titan

Oh gosh. This is it. The last episode (of what I’m hoping is just season one, meaning season two will swiftly be coming out). And I was/am not prepared.

As Annie and Eren fight in their Titan forms, the city is being destroyed. And so many more innocent civilians are dying. Eren is wondering what Annie could possibly be fighting for that makes all the deaths worth it. I’m wondering too. Of course, we don’t find out. ARG.

There’s a tense moment between Erwin and…whatever his name is from the Military Police (sorry I missed his name earlier). MP guy wants Erwin dead, especially when Erwin admits that everything that is happening is his fault. I find it extremely interesting that Erwin accepts all blame, no matter what happened and what the consequences will be. Some people may take umbrage with his tactics but I have nothing but respect for Erwin Smith. Even facing the barrel of a gun, he accepts that he could die and only asks that the MP take out Annie.

Of course, it could all be a bluff. Because Erwin knows the MP guy doesn’t have the, uh, cajones to take over and lead their soldiers in their war against the Titans. So instead of Erwin getting executed, the MP guy is determined to put him in custody. Because, yeah, that totally makes sense in the middle of a catastrophe.

So. Eren and Annie are fighting and really, Annie is kicking the crap out of him. For every time he goes to land a blow, Annie uses her power to harden her skin and it damages Eren more. She’s freakin wailing on him, like he should probably be dead or whatever. But he gets another conviction of I WILL KILL ALL THE TITANS and then, I’m not sure, levels up? He goes all fiery and attacks her. Just as she goes to try and CLIMB OVER THE WALL. She hardens her fingers to dig into the wall and um. Isn’t anyone else concerned that the damage will compromise the integrity of the wall?

I love that, even with how much everyone is depending on Titan Eren to defeat Annie, it is still a human that keeps Annie down and out. Mikasa, slicing through Annie’s fingers and commanding the Titan to “fall” was so very cool.

And as Annie does fall, we get some more flashbacks. Of her father hugging her and asking for forgiveness. Telling her that he was wrong and even if she decides to hate the world, he will always be on her side. And wants her to come back to him. I don’t know what any of that means. What happened with her dad? He’s clearly the one who taught her to fight, meaning there was a purpose behind it. But he was wrong about…? And where is he now? Is he still alive? This show, man. It’s too much.

There’s a scary moment where Eren looks like he’s losing control of himself. Instead of thinking I WILL KILL ALL THE TITANS he starts thinking I WILL DESTROY THE WORLD. Um! And it looks like he’s going to eat Titan Annie, gobble her all up. But he pauses when he sees human Annie inside. Then something weird happens. Someone mentions the two Titans are fusing. How? And something is encasing Annie.

AND THEN BAD-A LEVI, BROKEN LEG AND ALL SAVES THE DAY BY CUTTING EREN OUT OF THE TITAN. Despite Erwin commanding Levi to stay put. Aww, bb Levi you precious thing.

Throughout the series, scenes have been broken up by pertinent information: about the walls, maneuver gear, the squads, etc etc. It’s usually written (subtitled in English for me) with a few diagrams or pictures. After the fight between Eren and Annie is over, we’re given a written story. About a miner who decides to try and dig under Wall Sina so he can live inside it and have an easier life. To make a long story short, no matter how much the man digs, he can find no way under or around it. He decides to tell his only friend about it, wondering what the wall is made out of, where it came from, etc. His friend tells him, basically, to shut up about it and just be grateful to have a job and be alive. But the man vanishes. His friend goes to the police to tell them what happened. and though they launch a wide scale manhunt (which is odd) no one can find the man or the hole he dug. And later, the friend vanishes too.

?????? WHAT? WHAT IS THIS MINDF*** STORY? Just when I think I’m maybe starting to sort out ideas of what’s going on, this happens. Thanks a lot, AoT.

So where does that leave us? Somehow Annie managed to encase herself in the same hard material she’d change her Titan skin into that proved impenetrable then and now. Nothing is breaking through and so no one can get human Annie out. Worst of all? Eren admitted to allowing it to happen. Why? Because he just couldn’t do it. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing for humanity. It proves he still has his humanity, which is good. But it’s bad because his humanity compromised the rest of humanity learning more about Titans and defeating them. It’s that old theme coming back into play. Sigh.

Erwin is questioned by the military over his choices. It seems like everything that happened was for naught. Because they didn’t get anything out of it…or did they? Erwin’s case is that they are now aware there are humans that can turn into Titans, probably within the city walls. he wants to use that knowledge in order to find more. To use them to fight? Or to capture for information? I’m not sure. But either way it’s deemed good enough for the military and so he’s released. So is Eren. And Annie’s encased body is given to the Survey Corps to watch over.

The episode closes with Jean and Armin discussing the whole “losing your humanity” debate, whether that will really help them defeat the Titans. Because do they really know what’s keeping them caged in like animals? No, it does not. There’s clearly more to this than meets the eye.

But that just means the credits roll and it’s the end.


If this show doesn’t come back with a season 2 I’m going to go crazy.

And in the meantime, while I wait, I’m starting the manga ASAP.


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