AmiMondays: Attack On Titan

Eren, Mikasa and Armin are underground in the network of tunnels long since abandoned and somehow, despite saying earlier how even if Annie transformed down there the structural integrity would keep her trapped, Titan Annie is able to stomp her way through the ground. She effectively traps the trio. Though Eren proclaims the only way to get free is to transform himself, only he can’t. Mikasa knows why: Eren’s having a hard time accepting that Annie actually is a Titan. And as Mikasa says so, we flash back to when Erwin first came up with the plan to trap Annie.

Armin came to Erwin with his thoughts on suspecting Annie as the Titan. There’s no actual proof, just what Armin has witnessed. It’s enough to convince Erwin to try, though the same cannot be said for Eren.

But now, in the present, Eren still can’t come to terms. Even after seeing Annie transform with his own two eyes. He can’t reconcile the Annie he knows with a creature that is willing to kill humans in cold blood. It’s costing them time and lives. They’re trapped unless Eren transforms.

And still he can’t. But we sure do get a lot of bloody hand biting that is, frankly, really gross.

Mikasa and Armin split up to go above ground. The chances of one of them dying is pretty great but at this point there’s no option. And as they leave, Titan Annie’s big ol’ foot smashes through the ground and gets Eren. So does she not care if he dies now?

When the rest of the city sees a Titan come out of nowhere, Erwin jumps into action. But the Military Police still see him as an enemy and try to detain him. As if they can fight a Titan, something with which they have very little experience, without Erwin’s help. So you see the fear and stupidity of the Military Police. It was so frustrating to watch. I wanted to scream LET ERWIN GO AND DO HIS JOB, DAMMIT.

I love Jean (excepting the horrible translation of “we gotta b**** slap that skank, first”). I love how he’s still an a-hole, but a good one…if that makes sense. He still gets scared and doubts and has all these flaws except he takes them and he uses them to push himself and others. He finds Eren half dead under rubble and yells at him. Because he put all his trust in Eren to save humanity and Eren is failing and he wails Marco…Marco… and I lost it.

As Eren processes all this, Erwin’s back up plan to capture Titan Annie goes into effect. It’s essentially the same as in the forest, only they use some weighted net thing to trap her to the ground.

Hanji is there and begins taunting her, saying how she’ll devour Annie and all the information she has on Titans and…listen. If it wasn’t a good idea for Levi to taunt her, it’s not a good idea for Hanji to do so. It only serves to enrage Annie more. She manages to get free and uh oh. We need Eren.

Luckily for us, and all of human civilization, he gets his sh** together and transforms so he can fight her. He thinks something along the lines of ‘you can’t hope for a horror story with a happy ending.’ And, oh great, if that isn’t some kind of foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.


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