AniMondays: Attack on Titan

This episode opens with a dream from Annie’s childhood (in case you hadn’t figured out who the female Titan was). She’s training with a man, presumably her father. But she wakes up in bed inside the walls. So here’s my question. How is she moving around so quickly? How is she not missed inside the city walls? How, how, how?

We get to see more of the corruption inside the Military Police. The soldiers drink and gamble while working, sell weapons on the black market and totally abuse their power. The rookies, which Annie is a part of, see all of it first hand. And one, Marlow (who is basically anime!human!Spock) is disgusted with the display.

He reminds me of Eren, in that he is so steadfast in his conviction for change, and actually confronts two soldiers who are in the middle of an illegal transaction. The exchange does not go well. The two senior officers beat Marlow and threaten him. Marlow is left hunched on the street, staring at his gun as if contemplating shooting them. Annie offers to help him, though before she had accused him of being an idiot that is all talk and no walk. So of course, when Marlow doesn’t do anything, she’s proven right. Except, she looks so forlorn standing next to him. Like she’s torn about humans. She says something about how she wishes the weak who go with the flow could be considered human too. Which…I’m not sure how to take. Her motives as a Titan are so unclear. Does she think most humans are corrupt and need to be taken out? But what does the weak comment mean? Because aren’t all humans weak when compared to Titans? Man, I just don’t know. I kind of like Annie, despite all this. I wonder if she’ll get some kind of redemption storyline. Or if she’s just evil like everyone assumes the Titans are.

Eren is being escorted into the city with the military police in charge of guarding the procession. As Annie marches along with the rest of the soldiers, Armin – hiding in the shadows – gets her attention. He comes to her with a plea to help sneak Eren out of the city walls. Armin speaks of being a good person which Annie questions him about. Is she a good person? He responds by saying that being a good person implies being good for someone. And if she doesn’t help Eren escape she’d be a bad person. For some reason, this makes her agree, but not before slipping a ring on her finger. It seems rather ominous, the focus put upon it.

The plan to ‘help Eren escape” is really a ruse to get Annie underground and captured. But they should’ve realized she’s far too clever for that. The streets are too empty, Armin is looking at her funny and Annie knows they’re luring her into a trap.

Armin starts to explain how he realized she was the female Titan: she had Marco’s maneuver gear (WHAT? THAT HUSSIE I WILL END HER SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY BELOVED MARCO), Armin recognized it when they got inspected after the two Titans were killed. Which means she killed the Titans. But why? And why did she let Armin live when she could have easily killed him while as the female Titan?

She didn’t really have an answer. And I wonder if that was why she made the weak comment earlier. Because she let Armin live when what she was supposed to do was be a warrior. And then she has to go and tell Armin how glad she was a good person for him at least. I shouldn’t be getting emotional over the “enemy.”

Don’t worry though, it doesn’t last long. Because Annie goes Titan in the middle of the city. In the middle of a city that has not seen a Titan for over 100 years. She uses that damn ring to cut herself when the hidden soldiers restrain her and gag her. So. There is a Titan within the innermost walls and just how the hell are the soldiers going to deal with that?

Sh** about to get real, everyone,




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