AniMonday: Attack on Titan

Yeah, this episode sure was a crushing blow. I don’t know how many more people I can see get killed off. This show is the worst because just as soon as you start getting attached to someone they inevitably die. But more on that later.

For the female Titan to have come prepared wearing maneuver gear means something important. She’s not like Eren when she transforms. She’s able to come out of the titan still capable of fighting. That’s something Eren can’t do (yet?) and so we see another unfair advantage this girl has over him.

Okay. If we know that the female Titan is intelligent and possessed of certain extra powers, like Colossal and Armored are, then it’s safe to assume those two Titans are also controlled by a human inside them. Armin brings up a good point: that during the battle of Trost, when things could have escalated further by the two intelligent male Titans, the fighting stopped and Eren was allowed to block the gate. As if the Titans consciously let it go because they were surprised and worried? So if we have humans who can transform, why are they surprised to learn of the existence of another human that can transform. And do they want to kill Eren or what?

Back to Eren and the rest of Levi’s squad (sans Levi). Gunther is dead. They weren’t anywhere near the events of the Titan being eaten. So when a mysterious soldier comes out of nowhere they’re so confused. And when she re-transforms into a Titan they know she’s somehow managed to get free. The three other surviving soldiers protect Eren by going after the Titan. You can guess what happens. They’re the elite squad in the Survey Corps. They manage to blind the female Titan and then cut through enough muscle that she cannot hold her arms up and protect the vulnerable spot at the back of her neck. And yet, it’s not enough. Eldo is the first to fall. Then Petra. And poor, tongue biting Auruo – who had no idea she could harden her skin – dies last. Literally me the entire time I was watching:

There’s no one left but Eren. Which means…


Except it doesn’t work out that way. The female Titan is stronger than Eren, or at least can regenerate faster, knows how to utilize her healing better. Eren is at an extreme disadvantage. If it wasn’t evident before who the Female Titan was, it’s pretty dang obvious in her style of fighting. Okay? So we can just say ANNIE HOW DARE YOU HOW COULD YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Levi comes back to see his squad dead and just. Ugh, the way his face falls into shadow really hurts my heart. For all that he’s aloof and a bad-a, you can tell he really cares about them.

There’s a moment, where Titan Eren has her pinned to the ground, is sitting on top of her. You can hear him thinking how he should have transformed earlier, how if he had trusted himself and not depended on others they’d still be alive. And while he’s thinking that, I’m thinking HURRY UP AND KILL HER. So of course, all that waxing poetic about everything is his fault and female Titan’s fault, she manages to heal enough to kick his head off (not even kidding).

THEN. In truly horrific fashion, she bites him out of the Titan’s body. And. Swallows. Him.

I don’t think he’s dead. Obviously, he can’t be for the sake of the show. But what purpose does this female Titan have for taking him alive?

Mikasa sees Eren get bitten out and is furious and scared, goes after the Titan. But Levi also shows up and orders her to fall back. They follow at a distance to await the female Titan’s energy to fade.

Here’s my question about Eren getting swallowed. Why doesn’t he do what he did the first time he was swallowed by a Titan? What’s stopping him from transforming inside her? I’m pretty sure that would take her out along with him breaking free.

Sigh. This show, guys. It’s the worst for getting me so invested.



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