AniMonday: Attack on Titan

Oh, so an episode that focuses on this stony faced, srsbsns babe?

Totally here for anime!Steve Rogers Erwin Smith.

Okay, but seriously. The female Titan is trapped but she’s protecting her vulnerable spot. Not only is she blocking the back of her neck with her hands, but she can somehow turn her skin into some crystal/diamond substance that is impossible to cut through. How come she has so many great abilities when all Titan!Eren can do is use his rage to kill? I feel like Female Titan has some major advantages over our poor protagonist.

The rest of the soldiers out waiting on the edge of the forest are hearing noises deep within the trees. They’re all starting to realize Erwin’s plan all along was to trap the Female Titan. And that the reason Erwin kept his plans a secret was because he believes there’s a spy in the Survey Corps. The same spy that killed the two captured Titans. Erwin’s question to Eren back then makes sense now. Who/what is the enemy?

As Jean and Armin/Eren and the rest of the squad discuss this, I found it really interesting how they debated whether or not Erwin sacrificing 100s of soldiers was worth it. Armin’s comment about having to sacrifice your own humanity in order to save it was especially poignant. These humans want to save themselves, but in order to do so they have to lose a bit of themselves first. Attack like the Titans do, allow some to be sacrificed, otherwise there’s nothing worth saving. People like Erwin (and Pixis) understand this. They carry the heavy burden of being responsible for so many deaths so that the majority may be saved and live.

Levi starts antagonizing the female Titan; asking her if she enjoyed killing all those people, if it’ll hurt when they cut off her arms and legs (the human’s not the Titan’s). You can see her eyes start to water. I’m not sure if she’s scared, remorseful, or what. But she lets out this unholy scream of something, rage or pain or…and suddenly every Titan in the area comes running for her. They’re completely ignoring all other humans. All they’re focused on is the female Titan and eating her. The scene that follows is especially gruesome as you see flesh being chomped on and go flying and blood spattering. Erwin, seeing the Titans cannibalize “one of their own” calls for the retreat.

So the human inside the female Titan obviously got eaten, right? Well, my friends, never believe someone’s dead until you have undeniable proof. As everyone is ordered to retreat a cloaked soldier goes after Levi’s squad. She tricks them with a flare, of all things. And just like that, we get a death: Gunther. I can only imagine who else in Levi’s squad will die as a result of the female Titan’s human being amongst them.Because EVERYONE I LOVE DIES.



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