AniMonday: Attack On Titan

With a title like that, you can bet this episode would be interesting. The female Titan is closing  in on Levi and Co. And the rear guard in charge of protecting Eren is dying, female Titan crushing them like bugs. Eren is about to go on a rampage, he’s so upset, because all they’re doing is running. No one knows Erwin’s plans but Eren can do something.

He’s seconds away from biting his hand to transform, when the rest of the squad sees and yells at him to stop. Levi tells Eren has to choose between trusting himself with his Titan powers or trusting his squad.

We’re taken back in time to when Eren was training with Levi and the Survey Corps. They want to study him in his Titan form. Only…Eren’s having a hard time transforming. He’s biting (hey now) his hand over and over and ugh. If I never have to see him biting his hand again it’ll be too soon. But nothing is happening. And his wounds aren’t healing. Then, when on a break, Eren does something as simple as reach for a fallen spoon and a Titan arm erupts out of nowhere.  It leaves the others tense and on guard, as if ready to kill him at any given second. It reinforces the fact that Eren has to have purpose in order to transform.

More importantly, his unexpected transformation goes to strengthen the trust of Lev’s squad with Eren and his abilities. They trust Eren not to lose control and kill them. And to show their remorse for not trusting him, every single one bites their hand in the exact same spot Eren has to in order to turn.

The memory reminds Eren that his squad is relying on him and that he in turn needs to rely on them. Instead of transforming he decides to ride alongside the rest. And it’s a good thing too. Because all that funny business with Erwin paid off. He’d been laying in wait for the Titan. And with a series of harpoon like weapons, trap her.

Which means they can find out who is inside the Titan (though I think everyone’s guessed that by now). But the thing that’s really interesting to me is how Erwin used Eren as bait without anyone knowing. So, does he really think Eren’s Titan powers is a benefit or had he been planning this all along from the moment he found out about it?

– Steph


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