AniMonday: Attack On Titan

I’m glad this episode gave me something to laugh at in the first few minutes; with Krista coming the rescue of Armin, Jean and Reiner. She has two horses with her and the boys are all dopey about how beautiful she is. I just…lol’d for real. It’s nice since most of the episodes I end up either cringing or crying.

Obviously I did both those things as this episode was a lot of people dying trying to take down the Female Titan. She’s frickin unstoppable. But it really seems as though Erwin thought this might happen. And even though no one, including – it seems – Levi, knows what Erwin has up his sleeves, Levi and Co. head into the Forest of Giant Trees (once a popular tourist spot). Everyone else besides the cart with supplies and those protecting it, stops on the outside of the forest to keep the Titans out.

The Female Titan makes it into the forest and is closing in on Levi and Co. fast. No one knows what to do, Levi’s not giving orders, and people are dying in attempts to kill her.

It ends with Levi warning his squad to cover their ears and him about to shoot a flare which…I don’t know. Damn, cliffhanger!

– Steph


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