AniMondays: Attack On Titan

UM FEMALE TITAN? I think the series has made enough of a point that female Titans are rare enough that this is a BIG DEAL (oh and how, it is).

There’s a lot of explaining how the recon group will advance through Titan territory, but it comes to this: you see a Titan, shoot off a red flare. You see a red flare, you shoot a red flare. Erwin sees a red flare, he shoots a green one. The green flare shows everyone else which direction to move in order to avoid Titans as much as possible (at least I’m pretty sure that’s accurate). This isn’t a mission to kill TItans, it’s to scout out a route back to Eren’s house/basement.

Of course, this plan also takes into account aberrant Titans, ones that don’t chase after humans predictably, and for that there is a black flare. Those are the ones that need to be killed because who knows what havoc they can wreak.

And naturally, we see an aberrant Titan come at Armin and his group. Only, once it’s killed, another shows up. And this is no ordinary Titan, aberrant or not, it’s a freaking INTELLIGENT ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A CERTAIN BLONDE GIRL WHO CHOSE TO BE IN THE MILITARY POLICE WTF. AND SHE KILLS POOR NESS OMG.

Right, I forgot this show was subtitled EVERYONE I LOVE DIES.

Oddly enough, once the female Titan discovers Armin she leaves him alone alone, even though she could easily have wiped him out. Like, straight up pulled off his hood to get a good look at who he was. And then ran off. So…she’s looking for someone. Ten guesses, and you’ll probably only need one, who it is. This Titan is fast. and strong, all muscley and whatnot. Plus she knows the Survey Corps moves. It’s freaking impossible to take her down. And she’s leading TItans to the recon group.

We learn that no one knows where Eren and the rest of Team Levi are located in the group. Some were told right flank, left flank, front, back…which I’m guessing is done purposely. Because Erwin suspected something like this could happen? WHO IS THE ENEMY, INDEED.

Jean and Reiner pick up Armin and start galloping off who even knows where. And somehow Jean brings up Marco AGAIN. As in, he doesn’t want Marco to be disappointed in him. I WEEP.

HOW THE HELL DID REINER SURVIVE? That whole fight scene with the Female Titan, Armin, Jean and Reiner was just…Armin proves she’s looking for Eren by screaming about Eren getting killed. It makes the female Titan freeze up, distracted, and Reiner goes in for the kill only she snatches him up out of the air. She squishes him. I SAW THE BLOOD. Yet somehow he’s alive? My heart stopped, you have no idea.

I can’t take any more deaths. HA HAHA HAHAHA. I’m no doubt in store for more, because she’s on her way to the center of the formation which undoubtedly is right where Eren is. Someone help me.



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