AniMonday: Attack on Titan

It’s time for the new recruits to choose which branch of the military they’ll be in (which…i thought they had, but I guess not?). The recruits are also getting their gear checked because whoever killed Sawney and Bean used it to escape.

There’s another gut wrenching moment with Jean, thinking about Marco (CRYING) and wondering which of his friends will have to be burned this time. Ugh. EVERYONE I LOVE DIES. But he remembers what Marco told him, about knowing what needs to be done, and it leads him to decide to join the Survey Corps

Erwin is UP TO SOMETHING, publicly announcing the plan to get to Eren’s basement and find out the key to beating the Titans. He doesn’t hold back about how likely everyone is to die. And when he tells those willing to join to remain, only a handful of the recruits stay. Amongst them: Jean, Connie, Sasha, Armin, Mikasa, Ymir, Krista, Reiner and Bertholt. I was surprised to see Annie leave. She’s one of the strongest and toughest but she chose to join the Military Police instead.

Then we meet Squad leader Ness and his adorable horse Shallot who likes to chew people’s hair. No, seriously

The Survey Corps is gearing up to go on a recon mission but instead of training, everyone is studying up on the formation plans. And no one knows where Eren is in all of this. Levi’s squad starts discussing how they think Erwin has ulterior motives behind the recon mission and uh…yeah, I’d say so too. I’m not one for military tactics. Not at all. But something seems fishy and I just don’t know what.

We get some dramatic cape flapping in the wind as everyone gets their new uniforms and then IS THAT MARCO EREN SEES? WHAT NO. WHAT? WHY?! I am decidedly NOT over Marco’s death omg.

I really liked how this episode ended, with Eren about to leave the gates with the Survey Corps. There are two small children watching the soldier, proclaiming how cool they are. Eren overhears and has the softest smile, no doubt remembering how he used to be the same. And now look at him, a part of the heroes he used to worship.

– Steph


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