AniMonday: Attack on Titan

Eren is being secreted away to the Survey Corps’ old HQ, I guess to train in secret and keep the crazies from killing him or something. We get to meet Levi’s squad, who must be elite for being under Bad-A Levi.


Personally killed 10 Titans, assisted in the deaths of 46


Killed a whopping 39, assisted another 9. He also, apparently, can’t talk and ride his horse at the same time without biting his tongue.

Erd Gin:

Killed 14, assisted in 32

Gunther Schultz:

Killed 7, assisted 40

This is the cream of the crop, people. They’re gonna get down to business…just as soon as they clean the old HQ

(I feel it important to point out this fanvid which is amazing. Can I get an Attack on Dust spinoff?)

Apparently Levi used to be a thug before joining the Corps? Well, I can only hope we get more on that backstory.

There”s a confusing bit where Erwin and Mike the Sniffer are discussing their plans to go on a mission in 30 days – to prove Eren’s usefulness. Only apparently Mike can tell Erwin is hiding something. I have no idea what. I can only hope it’s something good.

Hanji, the fanatical Titan “lover” is back with the two captured, living Titans. She’s named them: Sawney and Bean.

That does nothing to keep me from freaking out over their scary panting and vacant eyes and *shudders* ugh. From her experimentations we learn that some Titans are affected by sunlight. Meaning, without sun, they don’t have any energy. That’s all they really need to live; no water, food, even air isn’t necessary in keeping them alive.

Even with Hanji explaining her obsession, I still don’t understand how she can humanize these creatures. Though she did have an interesting point. She mentioned how after cutting off the body parts of Titans, they’re super light, weighing barely anything at all. But she had an interesting thought. Titans appear out of thin air (at least Eren and the colossal and armored ones did). Perhaps “the things we see are not the things that are actually there.”

While Hanji is taking all night talking to Eren about the Titans, a soldier sneaks in and kills the two captured Titans. Hanji is devastated. Not just because the military has lost valuable sources of knowledge, but because she’s become attached.

And most interesting of all is Erwin posing the question to Eren, “Who do you think is the enemy?” I didn’t think much of it at first. But then I realized Erwin used the word enemy, not something more fitting like guilty, criminal, even traitor. Enemy seems so severe. It sounds like Erwin knows something.



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