AniMonday: Attack on Titan

THEY CHANGED THE OPENING CREDIT MUSIC? Listen. This may not be a big deal to anyone else, but it really threw me off. I’m used to the music. I love the music. I’m missing the music. Sigh. Okay. Moving on.

The Military Police are NOT OKAY with having Eren amongst the people. They especially don’t want him to join the Survey Corps. Captain Levi is all about accepting the challenge of keeping Eren in line, but there’s a trial/inquisition/tribunal still to decide what’s to be done with him.

We officially meet Hanji, the Survey Corps woman in glasses who we’ve seen talking to Levi before. She’s a bit…eccentric, what with the loving Titans more than seems normal (or healthy). We also meet Mike Zacharius who likes to sniff people. And then smirk. Um?

So Eren is at the Military Tribunal and both sides start fighting. It represents pretty well how the rest of humanity views Eren’s existence: either he’s seen as a threat to be eliminated or he’s a weapon to be used in defeating the Titans. We also get to see a religious sect that views the walls as…holy, a gift from the Gods. I’m not sure how that all started but they apparently have a lot of power as there are still those who believe it.

What’s surprising is how the Military Police bring in the events of Eren’s and Mikasa’s past, specifically how they killed the men that kidnapped Mikasa. It’s used against them, a sign of their lack of humanity (which is a huge recurring theme. Humanity. HUMANITY. H U M A N I T Y). And someone even throws out the possibility that Mikasa could be a Titan, that they should kill her too. Obviously that enrages Eren and he starts to lose his cool a little bit.

Suddenly! Levi starts kicking the crap out of Eren, despite some worrying it will enrage him to Titan status. Of course, it goes to prove Levi, Erwin, and the rest of the Corps point: Eren can be kept in check by them. And ultimately used to aid the Titans’ defeat. Luckily the commanding officer agrees and releases Eren to Erwin and Levi.

So how will Levi take charge of Eren? More beatings? Hm.



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