AniMonday: Attack on Titan

This week on EVERYONE I LOVE DIES…well. dammit. I’m really distraught right now. I can’t even front. Like, I don’t even want to write this up because I am crying over MARCO. WHY, GOD, WHY? I don’t have the heart to sit here and blab inanely about this GD show. So here’s the briefest of brief rundowns I can give will I sob all over my keyboard.

Jean is trapped in the house. He sees a dead soldier with his maneuver gear intact. But there’s also a Titan. So he waits until he thinks the coast is kind of clear and then books it for the gear. Only, hi, this is Attack on Titan so of course that spells trouble. Thankfully Connie and Annie are there to save the day, or I guess, his butt.

Titan Eren carries the boulder to the hole in the gate and blocks out all Titans. The mission is a SUCCESS. But now they’ve gotta get Eren the heck outta there before the remaining Titans eat him. And here is where we see so many people dying. It’s really difficult to watch. WHY DO I WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN? It’s also where Captain Levi comes back and shows what a bad-a he is. Again.

Now the hole is blocked by the boulder, the remaining Titans in Trost are dead (except for two that were captured. They are scary scary scary looking. Ugh), and the town needs to be cleaned of dead bodies before an epidemic breaks out. This is where I totally lost it ie Marco. It’s Jean who finds his half eaten corpse. Which…what? WHAT? WHY? Omg, I am so done with this show I am so angry about Marco so much that I can’t even use punctuation I AM THAT UPSET. Jean’s face when he sees Marco. Just. No. NO.

Besides that, we also learn something interesting about the Titans. They can’t digest the humans they eat (which begs the question as to WHY THEY EAT THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE) and have to basically puke them out. It’s disgusting. I hate Titans. HATE THEM ALL.

We do get to see a tender moment from Annie, someone who is usually so cold and distant. She’s apologizing to a fallen soldier, who I’m not sure, for not being able to save him. This damn show hurts my heart a lot.

Everything’s looking great after this hard won battle. And then we find Eren is in jail, Anime Steve Rogers Erwin and Captain Bad-A Levi watching over him. Um. I know he’s a Titan but he just saved everyone. What’s with the imprisonment?

– Steph


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