AniMonday: Attack on Titan

This episode was really hard for me to watch.  The morale of the soldiers is starting to fade as they see death after death. What’s the point of staying and fighting if they’re only going to die anyway? Pixis wants to retake Trost; his plan, to have Eren seal up the hole in the gate. That means the remaining soldiers will have to divert attention away from him while in Titan form so he can carry this massive boulder to the hole. The thing that hurts to watch, is how so many of them are scared, trying to speak out against going to their deaths for a plan they think is hopeless.  And their commanding officers are given authority to kill them for abandoning their posts, for being traitors. It’s mass hysteria.

Pixis’s speech was really powerful to me. He gives the okay to anyone wanting to abandon their post. But he points out that once they abandon, they leave their family unprotected and food for the Titans. The humans need to retake Trost. They need to protect Wall Rose. If it falls, people will be evacuated to within Wall Sina. And like before, when those from Wall Maria had to be evacuated, there will be another culling. Because there’s no way to support that many within Sina’s boundaries.

So, there’s an elite team that is meant to protect Eren’s passage towards the boulder while everyone else will be luring the Titans to the concentrated presence of Titans. It seems like a great plan…assuming Eren can control his Titan. He knows that so many soldiers are sacrificing themselves for him. It’s important he succeeds. Otherwise their deaths are pointless.

You’d think that’d be enough motivation for the guy. But it isn’t. And the episode ends with Titan Eren turning his attack on none other than our beloved Mikasa. The question, then, is who/what will get Eren to regain enough control to focus on the goal of reaching the boulder? And also, who of my beloveds will end up dying working to give Eren the time to win this small battle against the Titans?

Welcome back to another episode of Attack on Titan. Or as I like to call it EVERYONE I LOVE DIES. We rejoin our fellow humans having found out a fifth, A FIFTH of the troops have died. EFF THAT NOISE. And Mikasa looks like she’s about to die too, no thanks to frickin Titan Eren. It’s gotta hurt her so bad to know Titan Eren doesn’t recognize her. Mikasa, who would do literally anything for him. Man.

Oddly, Titan Eren seems to burn himself out after all the punches he throws at Mikasa and just collapses on the ground. Titans are starting to approach her team and everyone wants to abandon Eren. Everyone except Mikasa, of course. And meanwhile, they’ve sent a flair up to signal the failure of their plan. Still, Ian, their leader, sees the worth in keeping Eren alive and so Mikasa is tasked with trying to revive Eren while the others fight off the approaching Titans.

Meanwhile, when everyone is dying for this a-hole, Eren is trapped in the TItan dreaming (?) about his family. It’s lovely for him, his mom is still alive in his thoughts. And so when Armin shows up to try and talk reason, it’s really difficult to pull Eren away from that. Armin, proving he is a useful, intelligent guy, realizes Eren came out of the back of the Titan’s neck. And HUH MAYBE THAT’S SOMEHOW RELATED TO WHY TITANS ARE VULNERABLE AND DIE WHEN YOU SLICE THEM UP THERE.

Honestly, I’m surprised no one mentioned it before. Isn’t it odd that that’s where Eren is stored in the Titan’s body and that’s also how Titans are killed? It makes you wonder. Wonder a lot of things.

There’s a scary moment where Jean’s gear malfunctions. Which, again, huh. It happened to Eren while in training camp and now it’s happening with Jean. I wonder if there is a saboteur amongst the ranks of soldiers. He hides out in an abandoned house.

And while he’s hiding, Armin manages to break through to Eren.


 – Steph


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