AniMonday: Attack on Titan

Contrary to the title of this episode, there aren’t that many answers given. At least, none that I’m looking for.

The soldiers not there to witness Eren’s change all see smoke from the canon fire. Obviously they’re scared about what’s going on. And Jean and co. aren’t telling anyone anything. Yet they’re the only ones who go to see what’s happening. Everyone else stays grounded. Seems weird to me. I’d be flying around to see what was up too. But, I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

While the smoke is still clinging to the air, making it hard for the Commander and the rest of the troop to do anything, Eren has to make a decision. He obviously doesn’t want to die. He doesn’t want Mikasa or Armin to die, either. He figures he can make himself turn into a Titan again and flee. Though that would mean never being able to come back and live amongst humans. Or he can ask Armin to help plead his case. It’s pretty powerful the way Eren and Mikasa trust Armin even when Armin can’t trust himself. And Armin comes to the realization that it was only him who thought he was useless. Ah, jeez guys. I’m tearing up.

Armin comes in with some pretty flawless logic. If Eren was an enemy to humans, meaning he was more Titan than human, than the other Titans would have left him alone. Instead, the Titans ganged up on Eren, attacked and tried to eat him. Which is something they do only with humans. Too bad the Commander doesn’t see it that way. He’s too scared to reason, even as the rest of the troop can realize what Armin is saying as fact. And just as he’s raising his hand to signal the cannon blast, Pixis shows up. PIXIS. I still love him.

The crazy SOB (who briefly mentions not minding being eaten as long as it’s by a hot lady Titan) comes up with the plan of Eren turning Titan to help seal off the hole in the wall before more Titans can come through to break down the inner wall. The success of the plan depends solely on Eren’s ability to control himself while in Titan form.

So the question is, can he do it?

– Steph

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