AniMonday: Attack On Titan

Back again. So, this episode we learn that while the Titans broke through and attacked, the Recon Corps was gone outside the wall. In fact, they’d left earlier the same day. Which just seems like too much of a coincidence to me…but it explains why there were so many casualties. Because the soldiers that were left to fight off the Titans were recent graduates and still green behind the ears, so to speak.

That means Anime Steve Rogers, I mean, Erwin and Total Bad-A Levi are back (not to mention one woman who seems to have a weird thing for Titans the way Newton from Pacific Rim has a thing for kaiju). For all Levi comes across as a jerk (in the few minutes we’d seen) he seems to hold a strong love/bond for his soldiers, no doubt strengthened from all the fighting together. So when he comforts a dying soldier, well, it really touched me.

We get a glimpse of what happened to Eren after he was swallowed. By that I mean, an actual look inside the Titan’s stomach; dead and almost dead humans floating around in stomach acid. So, be warned. It’s not pretty. He goes all I’LL KILL ALL THE TITANS mode and then suddenly is popping out Alien style from the Titan that ate him. It’s gross (and pretty cool). But for all we see, Eren doesn’t actually remember becoming a Titan. Which is unfortunate, because it seems as though some of the commanding officers saw Eren emerge from the Titan.

Commander Kitz, the same one that left the Supply Crew at HQ is interrogating Eren.

You can see the fear in his eyes, hear it in his voice. It’s mirrored by all the other soldiers who only see a monster, who are so scared of the unknown they can’t realize the potential Eren possesses. I can’t say I blame them. Being an outsider viewing the situation, it’s easy to see how dumb they all are. But for a people who have lived under the thumbs of these Titans for so long, it makes some sense.

They won’t believe Eren is human (I can’t say I really blame them) and move to take him out with some canons. As time slows down, we get a flashback of Eren’s dad talking to him about that mysterious basement. He’s got the key that we saw around his Dad’s neck which I didn’t realize he’d given Eren. Most interesting, though, is that Eren’s dad – presumably – did this to Eren. Meaning, his dad is responsible for giving Eren the power to transform into a Titan. You see him giving Eren injections and urging Eren to retake Wall Maria and make it to their basement to learn everything. It all makes me wonder when this happened. Because I was under the impression Eren’s dad had left prior to Wall Maria being overtaken. So when did he see his dad. Where is his dad? Ugh. I’m so confused.

Just as the fatal blow is about to hit Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, however; we see Eren bite his hand, and as he draws blood things go BOOM. leaving behind a partial Titan, Mikasa and Armin safe behind the bars of its ribcage. Whoa.

 – Steph


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