AniMonday: Attack on Titan

The more I watch this show, the more I feel like there is…I’m not sure this is the right word…corruption within the Military. At the refueling station, the commanding officer, with his troop, decide to leave to “regroup.” That means that the only defense is those soldiers who are more trained in refueling than fighting. And when they bring up the very valid question of, “what happens if the Titans overtake us,” the commander accuses them of possible treason (which would give him the right to kill them) and leaves. I mean…huh.

Before I continue, I feel the need to point out that there’s a trigger warning for suicide in this episode.

Jean is back, just as pessimistic as ever (but, can you blame him?). The troops all outside the wall are trapped because they’re out of gas for their maneuver gear. And, surprise, surprise, they can’t go back to the refueling station because the Titans have it surrounded. Just as the soldiers from the beginning of the episode worried. Everyone left is lost in grief and worry, not knowing how they can possibly survive. They’ve all given up. And it gets worse when Mikasa shows up to help.

She shows no emotion, like usual. But you know. You just know how torn up she is inside and that she’s not allowing herself to show it so that she can stay strong. To fight, to win, to survive.

I really like Jean in this episode. He’s always kind of been a bastard, a coward who wanted the easy life. But with Mikasa’s speech about fighting to win, he seems to be roused into action. Even if it’s reluctant, and he doubts himself constantly, you can see him coming into his own, stepping up into the role of leader. I kind of love it.

But the biggest shocker in this episode is Titan killing Titan! Mikasa falls and is about to give up herself. But when a Titan comes to eat her, her body won’t let her just die. Because dying means forgetting Eren. Her reaffirmation of fighting, winning, surviving comes out. And just as she’s about to fight the Titan, another one comes out of nowhere and attacks the thing. What’s really interesting about this Titan is that it seems intelligent. It attacks where Titans are weakest (back of the neck) and isn’t interested in humans at all. It also looks more human than any of the other Titans (besides, maybe the armored and colossal Titan). Okay, and I’m just going to say it looks…familiar.



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