AniMondays: Attack on Titan

This episode is pretty much dedicated to Mikasa. I’ve heard some talk about how she’s the typical dark, silent anime girl or whatever. Honestly, I still like her. As of this episode, I can relate with her a lot. Obviously not about her lean, mean, killing machine style. But how she reacts to to the world around her.

We’re taken back in time to before Mikasa was adopted by Eren and his family. It’s her memories, brought up fresh in her mind after she witnesses a mother and daughter in distress due to a greedy merchant trying to shove his stupid, too large cart through the gate (which, eff you, dude. I was in distress watching that too.)

Mikasa’s mom, as we find out, is like one of the last “Oriental” women alive. And so, she’s highly valuable in the slave trade. Some bad guys come to try and kidnap her, but they’re plan goes awry when Mikasa’s mom winds up dead. Being half “Oriental,” Mikasa is the next best thing and is kidnapped. Eren’s dad is the village doctor, or whatever, and discovers the bodies. Eren just so happens to be there with him. And though his dad tells Eren to go home, Eren goes in search of the missing girl (surprise surprise).

I’m not too sure about everyone’s age. But these events took place a year or so before the Colossal Titan showed up the first time. So they’re obviously pretty young.  The fact Eren can track the slave traders, then take down two of them (in bloody, typical AoT fashion) is pretty impressive. Scary, but impressive.

The important part of this episode, to me at least, is learning why Mikasa comes across so cold and distant. And also why she’s so fiercely loyal to Eren. She’s so young, and already suffered so much. But Eren saves her and, in doing so, Mikasa learns an important coping mechanism. It’s how she learned to be as strong as she is.

Aside from what we learn about Mikasa, we also get Armin and the aftermath of his guilt over what happened to Eren. We also get a gut wrenching scene with Hannah and Franz. It’s only episode six and so many people are dying. It’s almost hard to watch. Because I keep getting attached to these characters only for them to prove to be Titan food. Arg.

And next episode will be even worse…once Mikasa learns about what happened with Eren.


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