AniMondays: Attack on Titan

Colossal Titan is back, breaking through walls, causing havoc and death and…guess what? This Titan is intelligent. He knows where to strike to take out weapons. He’s not like the mindless Titans that just go looking to eat people. So what does that mean? Why is he different? And how does he keep just appearing and then mysteriously disappearing? Because as Eren goes to try and slice the back of his neck, Colossal Titan is just…gone.

So now there’s a hole in another wall, which means more Titans can come in and eat more people. It’s awful. There are weapons being fired at these monsters, who are dragging half their bodies across ground just to devour humans, or have the flesh burned off their faces only to regenerate. UGH. Worst, most awful things ever.

There’s a rather tender moment between two soldiers: Hannah and Franz. In past episodes there were jokes about them being like an old married couple, and you can tell they really like each other. But the timing, the situation they’re in, is all wrong. And it’s not looking like it’ll outlast the Titans.

We’re introduced to 2 new characters: General Pixis and Lord Balto

And with their introduction we are introduced to the mindset of many of those in the monarchy. They’re lazy, self indulgent cowards. Balto would rather have Pixis stay and defend his home than go to Trost in order to help provide relief fighting for the soldiers already trying to defend the gate. Men like Balto…well, now we know why they want the best of the best in the inner wall. They only seem to care about their own survival, not anyone else’s.

I like Pixis. I want to see more of him. And I hope he turns out to be a help to Eren and his KILL ALL THE TITANS cause.

Meanwhile, in Trost, everyone is in a panic; including many of the soldiers. Jean is losing his sh** as he was going to the interior the next day. But now, with the Titan attack, he’s forced into fighting. Mikasa is prepared to go with Eren, protect him as he goes to fight. Only, the commanding officers say otherwise, and they’re split up. It’s the first time we see Mikasa lose her cool and it’s an interesting look into how much Mikasa, for how cold and distant she seems, cares about Eren.

We get a lot of information about Titans in this episode. Namely, how unintelligent they are. They don’t have any sexual reproductive organs, so no one knows how they reproduce (uhhhhh hmmmm) but most resemble human males. They’re body temps run a lot hotter than humans, as seen with all the steam that comes off them. And they also don’t eat anything other than humans, despite being surrounded by other large prey (like deer). But! they lived for a century without eating any humans. So how did they survive?

Listen, this all sounds like some kind of manufactured evil. Like, someone(s) made Titans. Because how else are they programmed to only go after humans? How else do they survive without eating? How else do they even EXIST? HOW?

Since I’m usually behind on episodes (it’s kind of great in a way) I watch them on the Crunchyroll app. But now that I’m caught up, I had to seek a different way to watch. And I found this site. It has the opening lyrics subbed in English.

No one remembers the names of trampled flowers

Fallen birds await the next wind before they try again

Prayers won’t save us

Only the will to fight can change our world

Ignore those pigs who ridicule you

For having the will to step over dead bodies and move on

Our complacency as livestock strengthens this false reality

We’re as free as starving wolves

Channel the humiliation of imprisonment into your fists and fight the oppression

Far beyond the confining walls you’ll slay your prey

As your body burns with an overflowing urge

Pick up your burning bow and gash through the twilight

I can’t help but feel these words apply to more than just the Titans. As attitudes toward the Military Police and their involvement with the enemy are revealed, and the way the Monarchy dealt with the refugees, it seems there are many unhappy with how the human civilization is surviving.

Listen, this all sounds like some kind of manufactured evil. Like, someone(s) made Titans. Because how else are they programmed to only go after humans? How else do they survive without eating? How else do they even EXIST? HOW?

And then…AND THEN! The episode just turns to complete sh**. What I mean by that is there is a lot of death.  A LOT. Like, I obviously don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t seen (though if you haven’t seen up to this point I doubt you’re reading) but HOW MANY PEOPLE HAD TO DIE THIS WEEK. AND WHAT ABOUT EREN. JUST. NO. OMG I SCREAMED. This show is no f***in joke, guys. I’m having flashbacks to the first episode, with Eren’s mom, and not wanting to continue. But I HAVE to because I need to know about Eren.


– Steph


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