AniMondays: Attack on Titan

It’s been 2 years since Eren and Co enlisted and we learn some more about certain characters. Reiner Braun: both mentally and physically strong, he’s a pretty trustworthy guy.

Armin Arlert: not the strongest or physically capable, but extremely intelligent.

Annie Leonhart: exceptional fighter but doesn’t work well with others.

Bertholt Hoover: lots of talent, little initiative.

Jean Kirstein: skilled with the 3D maneuver gear but kind of a jerk because he’s so blunt all the time.

Sasha Blouse: talented unconventional (hello, she was eating a potato in the middle of their commanding officer’s lecture) which might not work with other’s skills.

Connie Springer: good with the maneuver gear but maybe not as mentally strong as he should be.

Mikasa Ackerman: basically the most bad-a of bad-a’s ever to have existed and better than you at everything.

Eren Jaeger: didn’t start off super strong but his determination has him improving in every category.

So, we learn this all during a really cool training sequence set in some woods, with people flying around all over the place, practicing killing fake Titans by slicing out the back of their neck (their only known weakness and sure way to kill them).

And then there’s an interaction between Eren, Reiner and Annie, where Reiner thinks Annie’s not training in her hand to hand combat properly and wants to, I don’t know, teach her a lesson? Only he throws Eren under the bus, so to speak, and it’s Eren who gets the crap kicked out of him. Of course Annie turns her sights on Reiner and then he too is on the ground by a girl who can kick a lot of butt. What’s interesting about this scene is how disinterested Annie is. She affects this complete nonchalance about the entire situation. Like it’s not important, which she actually says. Because most people are trying to go to the Military Police to not have to do actual work. And we learn that only the top recruits get invited to join the Military Police. The very people who are most capable of fighting Titans are taken as far from them as possible. It’s BS. Annie knows it and now we’re starting to know it, too.

So is Eren. He’s starting to realize how backwards the system is. And starting to confront Jean about it, the one who seems to be the biggest proponent of a life of ease and comfort in the Military Police.

And then there’s a light hearted, humorous moment involving Sasha again, this time with Mikasa. Thank goodness for that levity, man.

The top ten recruits are announced, from bottom to top of class: Krista Lenz, Sasha Blouse, Connie Springer, Marco Bott, Jean Kirstein, Eren Jaeger, Annie Leonhart, Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, and Mikasa Ackerman

They have their pick of where to go. We obviously know where Eren (and subsequently, Mikasa since she goes where Eren goes) is going.

We’re introduced to Captain Erwin (who is basically anime Steve Rogers, lbr)

and Commander Levi, who is apparently a god among men in the Recon Corps. Also, he throws great shade, omg look at his face

We discover that Connie and Sasha (who sneaks in contraband meant…oh Sasha, never change) decide to join the Recon Corps. Seems Eren’s heated speech about defeating the Titans and regaining freedom inspired them.

So, it’s five years since the Colossal Titan showed up. Eren’s on the wall, excited about being able to KILL ALL THE TITANS, when SUDDENLY THE COLOSSAL TITAN SHOWS UP AGAIN. Seriously. this can’t be a coincidence, right? The damn thing pops up out of nowhere. How did no one see it coming? The timing of it all.

Hmm. Something fishy is going on.

– Steph


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