AniMondays: Attack on Titan

The third episode starts with the group of new recruits for the military. You get to meet/see some new faces that will no doubt play a big part in the show. With so much horror and despair in this series so far (and it’s only three episodes in!) there is need for levity. And we get that in a character named Sasha. There is a weird/hilarious moment with her and a steamed potato that helped ease some of the never ending tension I hold whenever watching AoT.

There’s more fanatical KILL THEM ALL Eren. And we learn about the subgroups in the Military. There’s the Military Police that reside in the innermost wall. Most of the people enlisted want that job because it’s the cushiest; far from the threat of Titans. Then there’s the Garrison which is in charge of protecting and maintaining the walls. Lastly,Recon Group, which goes beyond the Walls to fight Titans and learn any and all information on how to finally defeat them. Guess which group Eren wants to be part of?

We meet Jean, who wants to be part of the military police and Eren does not like. Because, why would anyone choose the lazy job of military police when you can KILL ALL THE TITANS. Also, seems Jean has a crush on Mikasa…hmmm

We get some training scenes, mostly around learning to use the 3D maneuver gear. It’s tricky to learn how to distribute all your weight blah blah blah. What we get is that Eren is failing at it and desperately wants to learn to be better. Otherwise he won’t be picked as a soldier in the Recon Group. And that’s a fate worse than death for our poor Eren. He goes asking for help, from Jean of all people, who obviously says no. That bastard. But he does receive help from two new recruits, Bernholt and Reiner, two guys who lived in a district of Wall Maria that also were attacked by Titans.

When Eren’s time to show his skill with the maneuver gear is up, there’s an important (at least to me) revelation that he’d been working with faulty gear, rusty parts, something that is unusual. Which begs the question, is someone trying to sabotage Eren?

Something I haven’t mentioned before now, but I love the ending credits. The music, the animation, the everything. It gives a completely different feel to the show than the opening credits, like a little resolution every week to kind of ease you from the pain. Plus there are scenes to the next week’s episode which only makes me more excited to keep watching.



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