AniMondays: Attack on Titan

Of course this episode starts off with birds picking at dead bodies.  Of course it does.

Episode 2 deals with more fallout from the giant Titan’s attack on the outer wall. Eren and Mikasa are saved from certain death by Hannes, a man who was in charge of guarding the wall and who was chastised by Eren for being drunk and lazy. If you watched the last episode then you know Hannes saves the two kids from the Titan that ate their mother. And so, even though he was a coward in some aspects, he was able to do this one thing to try and redeem himself.

People are being evacuated from Shinganshina (which…is a district just outside the outer wall? I’m confused) so that the guards can seal the gate and keep the Titans out. Boats are full of people escaping down river, with others trying to force themselves on, reminding me of Titanic if I’m being honest. It’s tragic. Because there are so many people still in Shinganshina that will die if the gates are closed to them. There’s arguing about saving vs sacrifice (which I’m sure will be a common theme throughout).

Sealing the gates proves useless when a huge armored Titan breaks through the outermost wall, allowing other Titans to come through.

There’s a freaky dream sequence involving Eren and his dad, more talk of the basement and getting back to it. WHAT’S IT MEAN?

Here’s the thing I didn’t quite grasp from the first episode. The area that the humans inhabit is enclosed by three separate walls. The outer, Wall Maria, the middle, Wall Rose, and the innermost, Wall Sina.

Now that Wall Maria is breached, thousands of refugees are in the land behind Wall Rose. And there’s not enough food. So what do they do? They send out the refugees to try and cultivate land for food/reclaim Wall Maria. Which, you can guess, goes as smoothly as you can imagine. That is to say, not at all. Barely anyone survives and there is yet again the theme of sacrifice as those who died made the food shortage more bearable for everyone else.

There’s a death which affects one of our three main characters, one that drives Eren to more fanatical I WILL KILL ALL THE TITANS. And the episode ends, sometime in the near future, with Eren enlisted in the military, ready to make good on his promise.

So, am I getting some Titan killing action soon or WHAT?



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