TV Round Up: The Walking Dead and Doctor Who

Doctor Who is back!!

So I’m reserving judgement on the second half of the season until I’ve seen a little more. I do want to know more about Clara, but it feels like they’re throwing a bunch of information at me. I don’t know what it means or why I should care…. Yet,

One thing’s for sure tho, Matt Smith is a great Doctor. He brings a lightheartedness that 9 and 10 didn’t have. Not sure if it makes for a great story line but it is enjoyable to watch. Here’s hoping for the best.

PS did anyone else get a “Forest of the Dead” feel from those robot things?

Alright, You know the drill for this show; Feels and spoilers under the cut.

First things first we need to group hug Daryl bc MY POOR BABY! Who know Merle had it in him? Now, things have gotten real.

Andrea, is chained to a chair, The Governor is leading an attack and people are leaving the prison. So Far so good.

Lets start with Andrea. Why? No really. She could have made it if she had paid less attention to the almost dead thing and focused on getting out. I’m not wrong on this, right? Why? I shouldn’t be surprised because she does make bad life choices. It feels like such a waste though you know? She really could have live! It reminds me of the hole Shane and Otis thing. They fought on the ground Shane still had plenty of time. There was no need for the deaths. I’m not sure if it’s bad plot devices or just bad choices by the people.

While all of that is going down the Governor takes a bunch of people into battle. While he has numbers these folks are nowhere near and harden as Ricks crew. Numbers don’t always mean everything and the Prison crew showed them that. I had a feeling the Governor was going to lose. I did not see him slaughtering the survivors though. Why Martinez didn’t off him right there I don’t know. Maybe it was the shock of it all. I don’t know. I am upset The Governor is still alive though.

Then we have the contrast between Rick And Carl. Rick chose to save instead of kill while Carl’s learned not to trust anyone. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do next season. Was Carl Right to do what he did? I vote not but I’m a softy.

I’m glad Rick took the people from Woodbury under his wing and gave them a safe place. I like this new Rick and am excited to see where it goes.

What are you looking forward to next season?





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