TV Round up: The Walking Dead

When we last left our group they were preparing for war. I can say I didn’t see this episode going the way it did and I like that. A lot.

I think what I like most is there wasn’t much talk about handing over Michonne. Rick Let a few Key people in on what the deal was, they thought about it and they all agreed it wasn’t a good idea. Well, everyone but Merle. He took matters into his own hands.

TWD finds ways to get you to care about people you never thought you would in a million years. I think that’s why it works. It takes the humanity of it all and makes people real. For the most part people aren’t all bad or good. They’re a mix of the two. I hated Lori but cried for her when she left. It was the same in this episode.

They were also able to weave an incredibly sweet moment into the episode for Glenn and Maggie while they prepared for battle. It was nice to see the hope of something better.

I don’t think I cried so much for who was loss this episode as I cried for who had to put them down. It was so emotional! You hurt for them and want them to not have to do it but there was no other way out. Gah! This show!!

I don’t think I’m ready for next week. Are you?



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