TV Round Up: The Walking Dead

Oh boy. I’m still kind of reeling from last week’s episode Any one else? No? OK. Let’s talk about this week’s then. 

Andrea managed to get both Rick and Governor Crazy to meet in the same room and talk over things. It comes as a surprise to no one the Governor wants everything to be his and isn’t willing to compromise.  Andrea tries to meddle only to be dismissed but both leaders. Again this isn’t shocking news. The meeting ends with The Governor telling Rick to hand over Michonne to save his group and gives Rick two days to decide, 

Outside, Daryl and Martinez are becoming BFF’s while Andrea learns what a terrible human the Governor really is from Hershel. Her ability to still be shocked at what the Governor is capable of is still upsetting to me. Andrea I want to like you but you make it so hard! 

I think all my kind feelings for Andrea vanished the moment she chose to still go with the Governor after everything. She had an out. It would have been so easy for her to just go with Rick. I’m willing to bet Hershel would have road on the roof of the car if there wasn’t room for her. And as much as I want to blame this bad choice on “bad writing” I can’t. Namely, bc I can name three people off the top of my head that would make this exact same choice.

I don’t see this going well for her. 

Once they get back to the prison Rick explains to group they’re going to war. I’m so glad he knew the Governor was lying. Rick, you’re becoming less crazy everyday. HURRAY! I’m interested to see what Rick decides in regards to Michonne. I’m hoping he does the right thing and plans a sneak attack with Michonne. 

How do you think this will end? 





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