TV Round Up: The Walking Dead

This EPISODE! Alright, I’m going to beak my Spoiler rule and post my thoughts about it all.


Morgan, MORGAN! What have you become? (Remember, Morgan was the First person Rick met after he woke up. Morgan had a son Walt and they explain what the world had become while Rick was asleep.)

First lets talk about what a survivalist Morgan became. Those traps and cages were ingenious.  The “Welcome” mat may be my favorite. But oh how my heart hurt when we realized how for gone Morgan was. Morgan is the opposite of when we last left him.  When he talked about how Walt died, I was openly weeping. The guilt Morgan felt at not being able to take out his wife once she turn only to have her come back and take his son from him. Oh the pain!

When Mrogan talks about listening every morning at dawn until the radio died you can see Rick’s heat breaking. You feel for them both. You hurt for them both. In finding Morgan like this Rick comes face to face with what keeping people out looks like and it isn’t pretty.

Meanwhile Michonne and Carl are on a mission to get the last remaining picture of the Grimes family. The bond they two of them form over this is awesome. It gives a less snotty side to Carl and a softer side to Michonne.

And if that wasn’t emotion enough the hitchhiker we saw at the beginning of the show we see at the end. In pieces.  and then they take his stuff, Gah, I think I was bothered by this most of all bc you can hear the desperation in that guys voice. Yes, you never know who you’re picking up but I’m willing to bet that Michonne, Rick, and Carl could have taken him.

This episode got me thinking and hurting. It wasn’t packed with action but it was packed with awesome. It prove you don’t have to blow things up or have epic battles to make a really compelling show.



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