TV Round Up: The Walking Dead

Gah! MY EMOTIONS. Look I know I’m not Andrea’s biggest fan but for whatever reason this episode made me hurt for her. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s trying so hard to keep the peace that we know isn’t going to last.

The prison crew is trying to recover from the Governor’s attack while but at odds with how to do that. Hershel wants to run and Rick isn’t having it. I see both sides, The safety of the prison has been shattered but at the same time they worked too hard to just roll over and let Governor Crazy Pants win. Let’s be real tho, I’d go wherever Daryl does.

Back to Andrea. Man, she really really wants things to do well. She seems to flourish in Woodbury.  Her terrible taste in men aside I think it’s because she’s gotten a fresh start.  No one here (Merle doesn’t count.) knows her story. That’s freeing in a way and I get why she wants to fight to keep it.

I don’t blame Rick for the way he treated her when Andrea got there though. And I did cheer for Michone when she called Andrea out. Michone spoke the truth but my heart did break for Andrea when she realized how wrong she chose. I think this episode showed me just how lost everyone is.

All in all we getting ready for something big coming and I don’t see it ending well for lots and lots of people. I think for once I really hope Andrea makes it out.

We’ll see if I’m feeling this kind towards Andrea next week. Lol

– Mel



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