Review: This is Not a Test By Courtney Summers


Hey all, Mel here!

I know I don’t talk about YA a lot but this was a book I couldn’t pass up. As some of you have guessed I kind of enjoy zombies. lol When a friend recommended this to me she did warn me that it was much darker than she was expecting which made me want to read it all the more. Sometimes lately a lot of YA my friends send my way are very romance focused and while I do enjoy that (a lot) it’s nice to get a story that focuses on something a little different.

This story is a bout a girl who welcomes death. She comes from a very terrible home and sees the end of the world no different. She’s barricaded in the school with classmates who very much want to live. The way it is written is truly beautiful. Gore and all. It’s interesting to see the world through her eyes.

The only thing I wish this book had was more. When I finished it felt like it cut off too soon. I guess that’s a sign of a good book right? I hope all of you will give this a chance!*

*If you’re sensitive to abusive situations I would read with caution.


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