TV Round-Up: Merlin Feels

Hey everyone! Mel here.

So I think I’ve recovered enough with the end of Merlin to talk about it without bursting in to tears. Maybe.  Gah! I literally cried for an half an hour after the credits rolled. It was so beautifully painful. While the series itself had some weak points with things (I refuse to believe Arthur was that much of a dumb dumb.) this ended it on the right note for me. There is so much I want to talk about but in the interest of I won’t.

I can talk about how much everyone has grown since the beginning. Merlin and Arthur hated each other and at the end were the best of friends. Gwen started out a servant and finished a queen. And not just a Queen but an amazing fair ruler. Leon was kind of steady for me. I’m sure he will be true to his kingdom until the end. Giaus seemed to have grown more patient with everyone, teaching with more kindness than before. While we have Morgana who was the opposite. She started kind and ended up going mad with hatred. I do wish they developed her more though.  All and all I’m so sad to see it go and I wish the cast and crew all the best. Thank you for making a show I love so much!

Tell me how you felt about the shows’ ending!


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