Star Trek: Won’t be in the dark for much longer

Did you all hear my screeching here in Chicago?  Because I’m doing it, right now in fact.  Looks like the wait is finally over.  At least, come Thursday, December 6th.  An exclusive teaser trailer hits the internet, according to sources over at  The news comes as a bit of a surprise, albeit a happy and much deserved one especially after getting trolled on possible Trek footage by both JJ Abrams and Zachary Quinto during their visits to Conan O’Brien.

What I’m saying is, we totally deserve this minute or so teaser trailer until we can all flail over the first 9 minutes of the film showing in IMAX theaters before The Hobbit.  Sure, we got both the synopsis  and this rather ominous looking movie poster recently:



But frankly, it’s not enough for me.  I need more.  And I need it now (it’s not too terribly impatient of me to complain when I’m getting something in two days, right?  Because after four years, I think I’m allowed it).

Either way, I’m looking forward to dissecting and speculating until I’m blue in the face.  How ’bout you?


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