Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians

This weekend I had the chance to take Mini (along with some friends) to see Rise of the Guardians. In a word, this movie was amazing.  For more of my words, continue reading on…

From the very beginning – even DreamWorks opening title screen – this movie had me frozen (see what I did there) in anticipation.   We first meet Jack Frost, whose monologue gives rise (oh man I just need to stop) to an epic animated crush amongst viewers, young and old – it doesn’t hurt that he’s voiced by Chris Pine, okay?

But that’s not the point.  The point is that young Jack Frost isn’t really sure who he is, his place on Earth.  And he’s desperate to find out the why of his existence.  His hunger to discover his past is both heart breaking and endearing, as he’s known to the Guardians as a bit of a wild child who only looks out for himself.  But the audience sees past that, to Jack’s true motivation.

While the  movie is centered around him, the other characters get great screen time. North, Bunnymund, Toothfairy, Sandman, even Pitch all have their pasts told in a way that helps add depth to this children’s tale.  They were all given their own separate personalities, quirks, and story lines that wove together wonderfully.

It is, in turns, hilarious (all the banter between Bunnymund and Jack), sweet (Baby Tooth), sad (sorry, can’t say why that’d be spoiling!), and -to warn for your little ones- scary(obviously, Pitch).  The animation is beautiful and quite simply enchanting.  And, despite my usual dislike for all things 3D, this feature lent the movie an extra special ~something.  I’d highly recommend spending the extra money on it.  You and/or your kids will thank you for it.


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