My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Inspired Halloween

Yesterday marked the return of My Little Pony Season three! It was awesome and the show was also our theme this year for Halloween! Before I show you the results I have to squee over this episode. I loved it! It was just the right amount of action and silliness to keep it being one of our family’s favorite shows. The musical numbers were amazing too! Plus we got to see our favorite newlyweds again! I can’t wait for what this season will bring!

Now on to the costumes!

The first one I did was my son’s. Can you guess who he was?

I made the entire thing from scratch using this pattern as a guide. I started off buy dying the fabric, which turned out to be the most time consuming part. I had to do it three times!

It started out this color.

As you can see, the first purple dye I used didn’t make it purple at all! Even after dying it two different time, once over 8 hours, the red pigment wouldn’t stick.

So off the to the store I ran to get a different brand (Rit) in pink to get the color I needed for Spike. I was pretty pleased with how things turned out.

Once I got the color right it was pretty smooth sailing from there. I cut out the green spikes from two different green knits to match the real spike, and added the green tummy to the front of the shirt and the under side of the tale.

I did all that before I put the whole thing together because I find it easier to work with small individual pieces than trying to deal with the entire garment.  I also made the tail detachable to keep things safe and comfortable while we drove to the 50 different parties/activities we went to this year.

I love how this turned out but most importantly, my son loved it! (The tale and hood were his favorite.)

Next up we have MY little Pony

I don’t have many picture of how I made this one because I did it in 15 min. Before you break out “judging you” .gif’s this was the second one I did for her. The first one would have been good in theory but it just didn’t work. There was also a mishap with the first dress and a seem ripper. Bad times. There may have been tears after that one.

The dress itself was made out of pink terry cloth which gave the feel of a pretty pink pony coat but was very much washable. It also had great stretch to move with her and keep her comfy. The cutie mark was made out of scraps and hot glued on.

Her tail was nothing more that sparkling tulle which worked out better than I expected.

It gave great volume without adding a ton of weight or being cumbersome.  Only down side is the glitter got EVERYWHERE.

All and all she loved it which was a HUGE relief for me. That’s the most important part right? Right.

I didn’t have time to do my Hubs costume (He was going to be ‘Big Mac’) but I did get the bare bones of mine done.

Can you guess who I was? 😉

I hope to bring pony inspired outfits to you for the next little bit. Cross your fingers it works out like it would in my head. Who would you want to see first?

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