TV Round Up: ‘Merlin’ The Walking Dead’ and ‘American Horror Story’

Mel: This week in TV was a hard one for me. I should warn you there will be a lot of shouty caps. Sorry in advance.



Mel: Did anyone else want to punch Merlin in the face after this episode? Because I sure did. There hasn’t been another opportunity so PERFECT for everything else out in the open than there was here.  BUT NO. Dammit, Merlin. This show is setting up to be nothing but tragic (did you expect something else? – Stephanie) and I DON’T LIKE IT! Look, they like to play fast and loose with the legends here but I don’t know what they are thinking.

Stephanie: I’d just like to throw in that I’m really upset about not being caught up.  It’s going to take me even longer than I thought.  My dear husband came in while I was watching an older episode and got interested.  He’s made me go back to the beginning to watch with him.  So he doesn’t get inadvertently spoiled.  Bah.


The Walking Dead


Mel: This was a punch right to the reproductive parts. There were some really hopeful parts in the beginning and then it all went to hell and fast. I was not prepared in the slightest. Not a little bit. This one will stick with me for a while. Lori to Carl? Weep. T-Dog to Carol? NO! WHY? Maggie to Rick? SOB SOB SOB. I have talked with three other friends about this, then threw up all my feeling on my husband, and I still feel like I need to talk for hours about this show. (If you have feels leave a comment and we can chat!)

This will be up there with “Pretty much dead already” as far as emotional impact. WHY DO YOU WANT TO HURT ME, WALKING DEAD?

American Horror Story


Mel: My brain was/is mush after ‘Merlin’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ so I’m going to give you my predictions for this show:

  • Dr. Oliver is an alien and wants to make Kit his bride and use Lana to carry their love child.
  • Sister Mary’s vageen has teeth.
  • Monsignor Timothy is a Nazi too and that is where he met the DR.
  • Sister Jude is Bloody Face
  • And the married couple in the beginning wake up in Disneyland when it is all over (I WISH –Stephanie).

What are your guesses?

Stephanie: I’m really waiting to find out all of Dr. Thredson’s secrets.  Because I’m just so sure his magical cure for lesbian tendencies is his Little Doctor (if you know what I mean har har har).

This past episode was pretty enlightening in regards to Grace; that she’s a lying liar who lies and Kit should stay far far away.  But. That’s my opinion. What do I know, right?  From the beginning, I knew there was – obviously – something more to her character.  How she continues to influence Kit shall remain a mystery.  But for now she should keep her ax wielding crazy to her self.

I don’t know if you’ve seen what’s coming next week, but SUPPOSEDLY Bloody Face is UNMASKED.  I think we’re being trolled.  Since last season we all thought the vinyl/rubber/whatever man was going to be exposed and it was simply Zachary Quinto trying to egg his boyfriend on (those two are still my favorites from last year).

Okay, but even if we do find out who Bloody Face is.  Who is it in the present?  Or I suppose, how is it the same person?  GIVE ME ALL THE ANSWERS.


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