TV Round up: ‘Merlin’ ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘American Horror Story’



Mel: While I was watching this week’s Merlin I couldn’t help but think that Morgana and her crony of the week are like ‘Pinky and the Brain’. I imagine it goes something like this:

Crony: “What are we going to do this week Moranga?”

Morgana: “Same thing we do every week, peasant. Try to kill Arthur and take over Camelot!”

Crony: ” Oh right. Why exactly?”

Morgana: “I have got to stop killing these fools so I can save time on explaining my evil schemes!”

This week was no different as far as she was concerned but we did get some awesome growth from both Merlin and Arthur so I count it as a win.

The Walking Dead 


Mel: This week we only got Andrea and Michonne. I can handle and entire episode of Michonne. That women is flawless. Andrea on the other hand… Pass. Look, I was just starting to not hate her in the last season and this episode took all those good feelings back. I mean, in what world would you EVER want to be in a community where Merle is a valued member? Not only that, scared of the leader of the group. Not to mention all the creepy guys lurking about. Do they need handle bar mustaches to make it any more obvious?

I think Chris Hardwick  summed it up the best when he talked about not wanting to be a girl in the Apocalypse bc people will try to use you as a baby making machine. (Ok, he didn’t say it that way but it was the over all idea-ish.) Really though, I don’t understand how you can see what they’ve seen and not be even a little cautious. I get wanting to find a place that is peaceful. I really, really do, but did she learn nothing from the farm? I mean they all thought it was great until  they opened the barn.

I am interested to see if the Governor and Michonne are going to have the same story arch. Hammer anyone? Or was it a drill? I can’t remember. All I’m asking is for a little common sense. Michonne seems to be the only one who has it.

American Horror Story


Mel: THIS SHOW! I spend the first 5 minutes not knowing what the hell is going on and then rest watching through my fingers. I will say that Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto rock every scene they have together. Their chemistry is amazing. I wonder if they are the best of frands off scene….

I still don’t know what is real and who done it. I love it and hate it at the same time. Gah! I don’t like not knowing what’s going on. I need to be emotionally prepared! This story is so complex and told in a way that leaves you/me guessing.

I do want to to give a little warning that is spoiler-ish in nature. If you are sensitive to sexual assault the ending of this episode may be hard for you.  There is some lead up and you know it’s coming. But all the same, proceed with caution if this is something that is upsetting to you.

Stephanie: Yeah, what she said.

Honestly, this season keeps getting creepier and creepier.  Does it make you wonder how twisted the  minds of the creators are to be able to come up with this show?  I know I do…

I like how nothing is as it seems with these characters.  Every week presents a new layer to each one that blows away any preconceived notions you may have had.  It’s always more complicated and twisted than it seems.  Which makes me really excited to learn more about Zachary Quinto’s character.  He seems like an intelligent, professional, pretty nice guy.  We all know that can’t really be the case.  Everyone’s got skeletons in his/her closet they’re trying to hide.

What really gets me about this series is that everyone gets screwed over.  There are no happily ever afters.  And every time you think someone can escape some horrible fate…BAM! Your hopes are dashed to bits like the Virgin Mary statue Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) destroys.

So who’s next, quite literally, on the chopping block do you think?


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