Last Minute Halloween make-up ideas


Mel: I saw this awesome make-up idea online and could not find an original source for it. Since I’m not very good with this sort of thing (Steph can vouch. She had to help me paint myself green and still be pretty.) I asked Steph to see if she could whip something up.  I think she did a fantastic job! (Just click on the picture if you need a closer look.) (Steph: Don’t click on the picture for a closer look.  DON’T FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY.)

Steph: If you’re going to do eye makeup, the best thing you can use is liquid eyeliner with an eyeliner brush (I recommend MAC). Pencil can be a bit too soft, smudge easily and come out too thick for your liking. The eyeliner you buy at drugstores can be too hard to apply, simply because they’re usually wands that restrict how close to the tip of the applicator you can get (which helps your control when applying).
Each eye is shaped differently. So when you’re extending the line of black past the corner of your eye, just follow the natural curve of it. Otherwise the shape you make will look unnatural.
I’d also like to throw out there that i am not wearing any other makeup besides what I put on for this (plus I had a migraine earlier so that explains why I look so rough – shhh just go with it) which is actually a no no. Make sure all your other makeup (foundation, coverup, etc) is already on to avoid messing up your pretty artwork. You especially want a base coat of makeup on your lids to avoid any bleeding of the product.
On my left eye I tried something a little more simple (and only spent about five minutes on due to my baby waking up from a nap) which could be an easier alternative for you to try. I used my pencil for this, so notice it’s thicker.
And then I threw glitter at it all. Because glitter makes everything better.

Mel: How awesome was that?! Now if that wasn’t exactly what you need for Halloween, never fear. Follow me this way and see if there’s something else that may help. Like always if you see something you like just click on the picture and it will take you where you want to be.


This one is for all my Harley Quinn lovers out there. This could also work for any face card you’d what to be by simply changing the design under the eye. (Steph: LOOOOOOOOOOVE)


You can’t have Harley without Ivy so here is an amazing tutorial on how to do a flawless green eye.


Or how about this one? Egh? I would wear this daily if I wasn’t so fail at make-up


Got the eye’s covered but need something for the lips? Here’s an awesome glitter lip tutorial that you can try.


This looks great and is a complete costume with very little hassle if you’re in a rush.


There is something so lovely about this. With the exception of the contacts it looks like this can be done with things that are easy to find. (Light foundation, eyeliner, and black eye shadow.)

And lastly, here is an awesome video how-to that will have a huge wow factor.

Which one caught your eye?


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