TV Round-Up: ‘Merlin’, ‘The Walking Dead’, and ‘American Horror Story’



Mel: We got to have Giles come back this week to play! Well not so much Giles as Ripper but I still loved to have him back. This episode we really got to see Arthur come into his own. He really set himself apart from Uther’s rule. I could see Merlin glowing with pride from the sidelines. There were a few things I took issue with but over all it was a good episode.

One thing that really threw me was seeing Percy with actual sleeves at the round table. I think the writers could hear the cries of fanboys and girls across the land which is why in the very next scene he’s got no sleeves. CLEVER! Then Uther has to  ruin it but throwing an epic tantrum. Tsk Tsk.  The climax of this episode broke my heart a little for Arthur. The painful choice he made was a huge step in his road to greatness.

The Walking Dead


Mel: H-O-L-Y C-O-W This was intense.  The inmates in the cafeteria, Hershel, and Lori not thinking things through. Again. Karl is slowly winning me over. He is one crafty little bastard. I mean, we know Lori isn’t watching him because she’s off moping or washing clothes. It’s nice to see he’s using the skills that caused issues last season DALE! to help the group this season. In this case, to help out Hershel.

The costume department on this season is genius for placing the inmates in blue jumpsuits instead of orange. It makes them almost invisible. CREEPY! Also perfect. And can we talk about Rick? Sweet heavens he has really found his backbone this season. When he says something, he means it. Daryl is also looking mighty fine. I think he and Rick make more sense at this point than Lori and Rick but what do I know.

American Horror Story

Mel: This sums up all my feelings on AHS:

Stephanie: I’m carefully avoiding any Merlin and Walking Dead info as I’m not caught up.  As it is, I just barely caught up to American Horror Story this morning (it’s been a really busy couple weeks over here).  I’ve gotta say, I’m not one to really get scared at horror movies/shows.  In fact, I’m usually that annoying person in the theaters pointing out plot holes, predicting (accurately) what happens next, and/or laughing at inappropriate times.

BUT.  AHS: Asylum really freaks me out.  It’s the setting that really gets to me.  Anything having to do with insane asylums leaves me feeling all heeby jeeby inside. The idea that there are people not quite right in the head, getting loose, wreaking havoc, and all the evil doctors/workers doing who knows what to cure “illnesses”…ugh I’m shuddering just thinking about it.

Like last season, I find myself loving Evan Peter’s character (regardless of any guilt/insanity/etc).  And this past episode had me feeling all the feels for him.  It kills me seeing characters break under all the evil that’s going on in one building (though I know better than to assume everything is exactly as it seems with this show).  And I was so glad to see Zachary Quinto again.  His character got quite the shake up after what happened with one of the patients.  I mean, I was kind of shaken up after watching it, to be honest.  Made The Exorcist look like child’s play.

The one aspect of this season I’m feeling iffy about is the supernatural aspect.  I’m aware that during the 60’s there was a major increase in any type of SciFi interest.  But I’m wondering exactly how that will play out, in the mix of all the religious influence.  It seems science vs religion is a pretty big deal for this season.

Only time will tell what will happen.  And how much more scared I get…


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