Comic review: A-Babies vs X-Babies (Or, The Cutest Comic Ever)

I wish this wasn’t a one shot comic, I really do, because A-Babies vs X-Babies was a really fun, fantastic read.  Perfect for young children and their comic loving parents.

Will you look at Baby Cap’s house?  SO PATRIOTIC OMG I’M CRYING.  And then there’s where he lives.  On the corner of Fury and Xavier Way.  I love it.  Absolutely love it.

The story behind the epic battle begins as we say goodnight to Baby Cap.  He’s getting all his teddy bears tucked in, when suddenly he notices something.

It’s soon discovered that Baby Cyclops is behind the abduction of poor, dear Bucky Bear.  Obviously Baby Cap won’t stand for that INJUSTICE so…

One of the greatest pages is when Cyclops is calling forth his fellow X Men.

I was giggling so hard at how quickly they all swarmed at the mention of ice cream.

The battle scenes are great, the attention to detail with each hero/mutant is amazing.

So who wins?  Well, you’ll just have to buy it, read it and see for yourself.  You can purchase the electronic copy here at

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